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Having done this semi-seriously for about 6 months, I thought that it would be a good idea to explain a little about me and my situation!

I am a very part-time blogger and very full-time dad and professional who lives near Leeds and this is my creative escape route, where I can look back at the days out and adventures that me and my little girl have and smile.


I am a single parent going through a separation at the moment and I know that being a single parent can be difficult, and it can be difficult to have the confidence to go out and about (regardless of if you are a mum or a dad).

This is another reason why I set up the blog, so anyone reading it can feel a little bit more confident in going out and about, knowing that I can do it.  This is the reason why I try to include information about pushchair access and baby changing facilities, as those things used to freak me out a little when I went out and about on my own. By the way, I wasn’t someone who was born to be a dad, and I always have self-doubt!

If I had to recommend three places/things to do with a toddler in the region, firstly, it is extremely difficult as there are so many things hidden about which you never see, especially if you don’t have children. However, if I had to choose, they would be:

Boomchikkaboom (formerly Baby Rave North) This as probably one of the first places we went together and seeing a small business do really well. Their upbeat classes are something completely different to the traditional parent/child groups and are perfect for parents who still want to feel young!!

Rainbow Factory This has seemingly been our second home for the last 6 months. Something completely different and they can’t do anything wrong in our eyes The staff are absolutely amazing and make the place magical! Seeing Heidi’s confidence shine through here is so good to see, and the staff are perfect at nurturing it.

Rhythm Time This was the first structured class we went to and never looked back. The classes were brilliant and the social nature of the classes mean that we have made really, really good friends from the class. Even after not doing the class for a few months, Heidi still asks for the Rhythm Time music on in the car and has started asking to go back to the classes!

As we are semi-regulars to these, or have been in the past, I know that while their activities are top notch, they are really brilliant people as well and have really helped Heidi develop and become the person who she is today.

As mentioned above, I work full-time as an accountant, which means that my quality time with Heidi is generally limited to weekends and days off, and so I try to make the most of them! Also, because of this, my posting onto the blog is a little infrequent at times – I am certainly not one of these pseudo-full time bloggers!! However, I like to try and reply to messages as quickly as possible.

If you want to contact me or follow me on social media, the various links are below:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @leedsdad

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leedsdad

I will promise not to flood your newsfeeds with hundreds of posts a day!!

Finally, I am PR Friendly and so if you have something that you think that we would like to attend/try/know about, please feel free to get in touch using the above details. Hopefully your company/brand/experience would benefit from my honest and open writing style.

I love to read your feedback and comments and all feedback is gratefully received!

All the best

Matthew (aka Leedsdad)

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