Wow!! What a year 2018 has been!! So many positive things have happened this year for Heidi and I. Looking back, I think that it has been the best year for quite some time.

Holidays in 2018

2018 was the year when Heidi and I went on our first overseas holidays as just a two. Taking a 4 year old halfway across the world is both scary and exciting, but something that was long overdue! We went to Jamaica in February, and Spain in August and we have both got the confidence to do it again!

The highlight of the Jamaica trip was swimming with dolphins, which you can read here. You can read about our Spanish trip here.  If you’re thinking of travelling alone with a 4 year old, this blog post is ideal for you!

Swimming with dolphins

Love in 2018

2018 was the year in which I started dating after separation. Whilst an extremely terrifying and stressful experience at start with, it does turn out that you can be happy after separation. Who knows what the future will hold. But right now, we are living in the moment, and enjoying being in each others company, when possible.

Having 2 single parents date each other is extremely difficult on the diary. We have had 2 child free weekends in the entire year!! However, both children love each other very much and get on really well. We will always put the children before the relationship and that is so important to us.

Best mates!
Walking together at Cannon Hall

If you’re thinking that 2019 might be the year of love for you, then these two blog posts might be just for you – Leeds Dad Starts Dating and An Update.

Sadness in 2018

Unfortunately, there was sadness in 2018, when our family dog, Jack, died.  Telling Heidi about his death was awful and probably the worst part of the year. You can read about how we coped, with some hints/tips to breaking bad news, in this blog post.

However, with most things, there is a happy ending to the story, and we have a new dog, Harley, and Heidi is besotted with him!

Heidi and Harley
Heidi and Harley

Days Out in 2018

Because Heidi turned 5 in 2018, it is a little easier to go on days out and be more impulsive. We did a random day trip to London, went to Chester Zoo, as well as Go Ape at Temple Newsam. I think the favourite was taking in the Operation Ouch stage show in London, where Heidi met her idols, Dr Chris and Dr Xand. I really hope that they bring that show elsewhere in the UK.

Heidi with Dr Chris and Dr Xand

Days Out are much easier now, and I hope that they give inspiration to those who have been in a similar situation. Life does get easier and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Blogging in 2018

I always said that the blog is an online diary that I will give to Heidi when she is old enough. That will always be the case. However, I have had more and more fun with it 2018. We have travelled across the country with National Express coaches, been on a podcast and been invited to be on TV.

Perhaps the coolest thing was being in the Yorkshire Evening Post and when Heidi saw her face in the paper, it was amazing! She is starting to pick up bits about what the blog is and that her daddy is “Leeds Dad”, but I try to keep it separate from her.

Extract from Yorkshire Evening Post

At some point, she might want me to stop, or want to join in, but until that day, it will always be about creating an online diary for her.

Work in 2018

Whilst some people do blogging on a full time basis, I am nowhere near that stage, nor would I want to be! However, this year I got a new job, with a new set of challenges to overcome! It provides more stability for Heidi and me, and I’ve taken the step to be open and honest about my martial situation, which was a great relief. Also, I have been open about the blog and so most of the office knows what we have been up to over the weekend before Monday morning!!!

What Next??

We have already booked to go to Florida in 2019, which will be amazing as always. However, I just hope that 2019 is just as exciting, positive and enjoyable as 2018.

A lot of people have read the blog this year, and to each one of you, thank you. Every comment really does make it worthwhile and I hope that there are loads more positive things to talk about in 2019!

Happy Faces!
Happy faces!

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