On a rare (very, very rare!) childfree weekend, we went to Wellness at Alpamare in Scarborough for my first Spa experience!  It was such a relaxing experience and one that I am sure that we will want to do again.

Adults only!

Wellness at Alpamare is a relaxing, calm experience and as such, it is adults only. If you’re looking at taking the family to Alpamare, then this blog post is ideal for you.

Getting started

When you get to Wellness at Alpamare, you are given your towel and robe at the entrance and get changed in the usual changing rooms.  Make your way upstairs and you’ll be welcomed at the Wellness at Alpamare reception. Here you will be given a tour of the facilities.

For those who are more into these things, you are given a couple of suggested routes around the facilities to get the most out of it.  However, we didn’t use them but they are clearly there for a reason!

The staff at reception are more than happy to answer any queries or offer advice. Here you can help yourself to free flavoured water, book any treatments and order food/drinks.

The Wellness at Alpamare lounge

The Facilities

Wellness at Alpamare offers both treatments and the general spa experience. We didn’t have any treatments, and whilst they are offered, there is certainly not a hard sell by the staff.

The spa has both a Finnish sauna, which overlooks the sea as well as a clay sauna. There are also foot spas, again, which look over the sea.

Wellness at Alpamare view over the sea
The view from the Finnish Sauna and footspas

In terms of baths, they have a Herbal Steam bath and a soap steam bath, which is extremely funny to see other people try to work out how to use it!

Perhaps my favourite was the warm centre stone, where you lie down and relax on the warm stone. It might sound daft, but it was so soothing on my back and so relaxing!

You also get full use of the Alpamare swimming facilities!!

Alpamare pool
Alpamare swimming pool

Top Tips

Being a newbie to spas, I did find it a bit strange, but my word, it was so relaxing! Here are a few tips to get the most out of your experience:

  • The saunas are intense, therefore don’t worry about giving them short sharp bursts.
  • Enjoy a drink/snack in the lounge overlooking the main pool.
  • You have the rest of Alpamare to use as well, so enjoy the super warm pools.
  • If you go on an evening, there are some nice photo opportunities. However, phones, saunas and spas don’t mix very well!
  • Go to the Aufguss Ceremony. It is a bit strange, but the mixture of heat and aroma is a bit different!

Just Relax!

As Wellness at Alpamare is child free, then the atmosphere is completely different to the rest of Alpamare. As such, relax, enjoy some adult company and let the body and mind drift. Sometimes we have to look after ourselves and after going to Wellness at Alpamare, I was so so chilled!!


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  1. 8 Nov we were in alpamare we paid tickets £ 39 with the spa for 6 hours that is until 21:56. One sauna was completely turned off, cold water in the pool outside, at 21:25 we wanted to go to the slide but they told us that they are already closed and closes at 22 ….. in the steam rooms of each of the 3 low temperatures you can see that there is saving because few people but for what we pay the full amount for the ticket, I will add that we have been in alpamare 20 times but how to be satisfied a customer like that…..

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