October is “Light Night Leeds” month and it is a perfect night out for grown-ups and children alike. Whilst the attractions change year on year, the crowds always turn up regardless of the weather. As such, here are a few hints and tips to make the best of Light Night Leeds.

Make a plan

You simply cannot see everything at Light Night Leeds. There are too many things and it is too busy. However, pick a few things that interest you and stick to them. You’ll see plenty as you walk within the city centre, but if you walk aimlessly, you might miss quite a bit!

Light Night Leeds - Jugglers
Light Night Leeds – Jugglers

In 2018, our favourite was the Leeds Children’s Circus exhibit in the Kirkgate Indoor Market, and there is always something for the children to enjoy.

Light Night Leeds - Circus School
Light Night Leeds – Circus School

Eat before arriving

City Centre restaurants and bars will be busy and you don’t want to be wasting time waiting for food. As such, eat before getting into town, and take a few snacks to keep the children happy and quiet!!

Wrap Up Warm

Yes, you will be walking throughout the city centre. However, it is a night event and the October chill will be in the air. As such, take an extra layer and you’ll be thankful when the sugar rush has worn away and the children complain that they are cold!!

Use a pushchair

There will be crowds and you will end up walking throughout the city centre. As such, if your child is on the edge of being in a pushchair, err on the side of caution and use it. It will come in useful in case they get tired, and it will also be a good battering ram!!

Light Night Leeds - pianos
Find the pianos in Leeds City Centre!

Check out the Queens

Queens Hotel is usually the focal point of the Light Night Leeds exhibits. As such, if you only have chance to go to one thing, go here. They usually show an animated short show on a loop on the side of the hotel. There are numerous special effects and is a sight to behold.

Because of this, and the traffic, if you can get into the city centre by train, do so!!

It would be great to read your own hints and tips to make the most of Light Night Leeds for you and your family. As such, please use the comments section below!!

Light Night Leeds - Queens Hotel
Light Night Leeds – Queens Hotel

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