One of the things that have bonded us as a family is going to watch the Leeds Knights ice hockey team.

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Not only has it been a source of entertainment, but it has also been a route into a new sport that the kids love – ball hockey (blog post to follow on that!)

Where do the Leeds Knights play?

They play at the Planet Ice Arena on Elland Road, near the football ground. On match nights, you can park in the park and ride car park for £3, although if you’re going for a skating session, you can park in the Planet Ice car park for a little bit less.

The ice hockey season runs from early September to April-ish, so there are plenty of opportunities to get to games!

What to wear to the Leeds Knights matches?

It might not be surprising to hear that inside an ice rink, it is rather cold!! As such, wrap up nice and warm as if it was a winters day, You can always take off layers! Also, wearing 2 pairs of socks really help!

Heidi holding a hand made poster
You don’t need to bring a poster to get in!!

What if I don’t know anything about ice hockey?

As soon as you become immersed into a game, the basics make sense and whilst there are a few weird rules, you can pick them up rather quickly. It is a much easier game to watch in person than it is on the TV, in part because you can see the puck and it makes it much easier to follow.

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What entertainment is there at Leeds Knights games?

Whenever the play stops, the music is blaring out and so there is always something going on. At the second intermission, there is “chuck a puck” which costs £2 and you get a foam puck to throw onto the ice. The closest one to the target at the middle of the ice wins. They sell out and so get your puck well before the game starts.

Foam puck for Chuck-a-Puck
The foam puck for chuck-a-puck!

There are also a couple of different raffles to enter, where you can win money or a match worn shirt.

Where is the best place to sit?

This is one for personal preferences. If you like a singsong, sit in Block 6 and 7 (at the opposite end to the entrance) where the drummers and singers sit. If you want to feel close to the action, stand by the flexiglass (this is our favourite!). Some of the best sightlines are on the front row in blocks 3 and 9 (around the halfway line), but these tickets go quickly. You might have to sit in a few places to work out what’s best for you.

View of the rink from the back of Block 7
View of the rink from the back of Block 7

Away fans usually sit in Block 12 and so I would avoid that section.

Oscar peering to see the rink from the glass
Oscar on his tip toes from the side of the rink

TOP TIP: If you have a small child (probably aged 7 and under), take a small step so they can stand by the glass and still see.

What is the food like?

As over 1,500 generally attend, there are often queues, so plan your trips to the bar/food outlets accordingly!! Consider the food and drink along the lines of what you would get at a bowling alley – ok for snacking, but could be better.

If you get hooked and start going to away games, the food at Sheffield Steeldogs is amazing!!

Are Leeds Knights games child friendly?

Clearly it depends on the child, but so many children become hooked to the sport after 1 game. The matches are generally on a weekend evening and as they last for 2 hours or so, it can be a little late for some. However, they won’t complain about being bored or tired during the match!! Because the puck can leave the ice (if you get it, you keep it!) the kids can’t run about and play whilst the match is in play, but that is for their own safety. There tends to be a friendly atmosphere and certainly nothing like the atmosphere at the football down the road.

Also, the players are great with the kids and there is usually a huge queue after the game for autographs and photos!

Children queuing up for an autograph from Cole Shudra
Children queuing up for an autograph from Cole Shudra

How can I get tickets to Leeds Knights matches?

You can get tickets either on the door at Planet Ice Leeds, or through the Planet Ice website, where you can pick your seat at your own leisure. The games aren’t generally a sell out, but a few have been, so if you’re planning on making a trip, you’re best booking in advance.

Heidi and Oscar with foam fingers
Heidi and Oscar with foam fingers!!


If you come to a Leeds Knights game, you’ll probably see us in block 7, or stood behind the goal in front on block 7. Come and say hi and let us know if you’re enjoying the game!!

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