Located about 30 minutes away from Scarborough and Filey, on the A64, the Great Yorkshire Maze is perfectly located for people staying on the North Yorkshire Coast.  The location is also perfect if you are planning a stop-off on the way to coast from West Yorkshire, or the way home.

Great Yorkshire Maze splash image

Please note that it is open until 6th September 2020.

What about the mazes at The Great Yorkshire Maze?

There are 2 mazes – one massive one, and a child-friendly one where you can’t get lost!!  For the main maze, you get a helpful map and along the way, there are 11 questions which spell out a word.  The main maze took us about 40 minutes to complete but we never felt trapped or lost!

Great Yorkshire Maze big maze
The main Great Yorkshire Maze maze

The child-friendly maze is a simple path in the corn field, where there are numerous scarecrow characters.  Some are very cute and is one where the children can run in and you don’t worry about losing them.

Great Yorkshire Maze child friendly maze
Child themed scarecrows

What else is at The Great Yorkshire Maze?

Included in the entry price are 2 ride tokens per person. You can use these on a few rides, including dodgems, 1930’s Speedway, Hush Hush train ride, swingboats, and a chair-o-plane.

Our favourite was the dodgems as it was 1 token per car and as Heidi was under the 140cm limit, I had to go in the car with her. What a hardship!! As such, we went on 4 times and had a brilliant time! It was Heidi’s first time driving and I am sure it won’t be her last.

Dodgem fun!!

Also at The Great Yorkshire Maze is Professor Dan doing a traditional Punch and Judy show. Heidi enjoyed it so much, we watched it twice. The show is in a Big Top, where there are a few picnic tables. However, for the children to get the most out of it, let them sit at the front. There is lots of room, but give them a coat to sit on, as it is quite dusty at the front!

Professor Dan!

There are also a few “pay for” games, such as hook a duck, which cost £3 each. More importantly, you get a prize every time. Clearly this isn’t included in the entry price!

Other bits and bobs

The site is cashless, and as such, there isn’t a cash machine on site. The toilets are Portaloos which were very clean when we visited at 2pm, but clearly they aren’t the most spacious.

So long as the ground is dry, The Great Yorkshire Maze is suitable for prams and pushchairs, as it is very flat. However, if there has been rain, I can imagine it would get muddy quite quickly.

Finally, dogs are allowed in and they are free of charge!!

Our verdict

For us, we spent a wonderful 2 ½ hours at The Great Yorkshire Maze. The weather was good, which is important as it is an outdoor attraction. The fact that you get fairground rides included in the entry price is a big plus, and the dodgems were a big hit!!

We loved the dodgems!

Top Tip!

If you’re an NHS employee, take your ID badge and get 50% off!!

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