One of the places we discovered in 2019 was Brimham Rocks, which is to the north of Harrogate near Pately Bridge. The mixture of climbing, adventure and mystic means that virtually every weekend a request is made to go back!!

Brimham Rocks view
The view at Brimham Rocks

What is at Brimham Rocks?

Brimham Rocks is set in 400 acres of moorland and historic rocks that is open all year round. As it is in great outdoors, weather can be a factor, and so take an extra layer, just in case!

To some, there isn’t much to do at Brimham Rocks except walking. There are no shops, no playgrounds, no games. However, the open space, mud and rocks prove an excellent backdrop to allow your children (and yourself) a way to get exercise and fresh air!

The Rocks

If you’re going to Brimham Rocks, then you’re going to want to climb the rocks! It is best to go when it is dry as they can become slippy but they aren’t too difficult to make a decent attempt at them.

Brimham Rocks
The Rocks!!

Children from about 3 or 4 years of age can probably feel comfortable starting out on them, although it is best if a grown up leads the way and/or helps them up and down.  Probably best not to wear anything you don’t want to get ripped or muddy, because once they start climbing, it will be difficult for you to stop them!

Climbing the rocks

One thing that I like to do is get Heidi to imagine how the rocks came to be how they are. As such, it isn’t just a place to explore the body, it is a place to explore their imagination and mind too!


One of Heidi’s interests in 2019 is geocaching and Brimham Rocks is great for it! There are 4 which are quite easy to find for young families and they are great fun to help motivate little legs!

Geocaching at Brimham Rocks
Geocaching at Brimham Rocks

There are a total of 13 dotted around the park, but some of the others are a little more difficult and may be suitable for older families.


The car park is of decent size, and whilst Brimham Rocks entry is free, car parking does cost. In 2019, it costs £6 for 4 hours (which is long enough for most) and is very competitive, especially compared to somewhere like the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. If you’re a National Trust member, parking is free!

There is a toilet block and outdoor cafe about half a mile walk from the car park, past most of the rocks and there is an information point at the car park. There is also a picnic area next to the cafe.

The paths are ok for prams and pushchairs, but it might be a slightly bumpy ride at times!

All in all, we absolutely love Brimham Rocks and I am sure that we will keep on going in 2020 and beyond.

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