Yorkshire Museum of Farming – attraction review

The Yorkshire Museum of Farming has been the find of 2020 for us. Located in east York, just off the A64, the location is perfect for a day trip, especially with free parking! Heidi wanted to come back the week after going, which suggests it is a good place to visit!


As you would expect, the Yorkshire Museum of Farming has a few animals! There aren’t too many animals, but that means there isn’t too much walking!!

Most of the animals are small animals, such as chickens, ducks and the like. These are all kept together near the playground.

The star of the show is the bantam who Heidi has called “Chickpea”.  Chickpea loves children to run up and down along its pen and then it will run alongside.  Heidi found this amazing and how she knows what she wants for Christmas!

Yorkshire Museum of Farming Bantam

Vikings and Romans

You would never think that the Yorkshire Museum of Farming would have a Viking and Roman village in it, but it does!!

The mock-ups of both villages are expertly done, and made just as they were made back in the day.  You can walk around the villages and there are plenty of signs explaining various bits and pieces.

Roman fort

However, the taster sessions that are run during school holidays are amazing and were the highlight of Summer 2020!! You have to book online before the day, and the cost is not included in the admission price. In 2020, it cost £6 + booking fee, per child.

The sessions last an hour and are perfect for kids aged 6 – 11. Oscar (aged 4) came to the Roman one and whilst he enjoyed it, he didn’t quite have the attention span.

Viking spear throwing!

Both sessions follow the same theme: The kids get to burn off some energy using spears/shields, in a really safe manner.

A Viking running away from the Anglo Saxons!

Then they will use some clay to make a small model of something like a lamp. Depending on the child, you might need to assist a little.

Clay modelling

After that, you spend a little time talking about either the Vikings or Romans, and learning a bit about them.

Roman soldier

The sessions are limited to 6 children and so it is a really intimate experience.  Heidi loved the Viking session, we came back the following week for the Roman one!

Other Bits and Pieces

As you would imagine, the Yorkshire Museum of Farming has a good number of tractors, ploughs and the like. Unless you have a farming mad child, this won’t be for them. However, it will be popular with adults without children!!  In the same building, there is a Women’s Land Army exhibition, but we never got to see that!

Yorkshire Museum of Farming tractor

Yorkshire Museum of Farming is also the start of the Derwent Valley Light Railway line.  However, due to Coronavirus, the trains weren’t running. You could look at the outside of the impressive train, but that was just about it. The trains usually run every Sunday and a bit more often on Bank Holiday weekends.

There is also a wildlife trail linking all these parts together  which is accessible for prams, wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Yorkshire Museum of Farming farming equipment
Farming equipment


The Yorkshire Museum of Farming has a small, but lovely playground, which is extremely well maintained.  It is perfect for children aged up to 6 and maybe a little older.

Yorkshire Museum of Farming playground

The playground isn’t the main reason why you would go to the Yorkshire Museum of Farming, but it will keep the children happy!!


Yorkshire Museum of Farming has a small, yet perfectly adequate set of facilities.  There is a small cafe, who are really good with the children. The cafe leads out to the playground, and there are picnic tables outside, so you can sit whilst watching the kids play.

There is one disabled toilet with baby change facility, with plenty of space, which is always useful if you have multiple kids!!

There is a small gift shop as well, which specialises in trains, but they also have a good range of books, aimed at 7 – 11 year olds.


One-off events incur an additional charge, but entry to Yorkshire Museum of Farming lasts for a whole year.  As such, it can work out as an extremely cheap attraction if you visit a couple of times!

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Puttstars – The Springs, Leeds – Attraction Review

Puttstars located in The Springs in East Leeds opening in mid-2020 and is an indoor adventure golf course and entertainment complex.  With ample free parking, and located amongst a retail park, there are lots to offer.

Puttstars – Golf

Puttstars has 3 courses, each of which are 9 holes long. As you can imagine, as the complex has just opened, the courses are of excellent quality.  There are none of those annoying rips in the carpet and as it is all inside, you don’t need to worry about the wind and rain!!

The golf courses are of a decent difficulty for all, but for the smaller kids, they might need some help hitting the ball up some of the slopes. However, the course is modern and you won’t see any of the old fashioned windmills that you might see elsewhere!!

Perhaps the best parts is the fact you don’t have to carry the little pencil and paper to keep score. You’re given a unique code and at the end of each hole, you log onto a tablet and record your score. At first, I thought it was a bit gimmicky, but it really kept Heidi’s enthusiasm going!!  However, it also meant that Heidi said that she got holes in one every time!!

Not exactly scoring correctly!!

It probably takes 30-40 minutes to complete a course, and so it might be an idea to play one round, have a break and then do the other one.

Heidi was 7 when we came and to be honest, that is probably the youngest you can bring a child.

Puttstars – Arcades

Puttstars also has a small section of arcade games to keep young and old entertained. There is a cash machine on site, but because of Covid-19, it was out of action, so come with cash with you for the time being!

Puttstars arcade
Puttstars arcades

Some of the machines can give tickets to win prizes, but because I didn’t have any cash on me, we couldn’t work out if they were good value for money or not.

Puttstars – Food

There is a small menu available of both food and drinks. The prices are correct as at July 2020 and are subject to change.

Puttstars food

As a result of Covid-19, the tables are socially distant and the food is brought to you in the seating area. As such, you don’t need to worry so much about infection.

Puttstars drinks

Other bits and bobs

Puttstars is over 2 floors, although there is a lift between the 2.  Because of this, and the fact the flooring is flat, it is absolutely fine for prams.  However, there is little to entertain younger children, I wouldn’t recommend taking non-playing children, unless they are teeny tiny.  However, there is food/drink on both floors!

Parking is free and plentiful, but don’t drive looking for Puttstars. The main car park is next to Next, so aim for there and walk through to Puttstars. I made that mistake and wasted about 10 minutes!!

Pre-booking is advised as the attraction is new and numbers are limited to maintain social distancing. We had to give our details for Track and Trace, but I think we are all getting used to that.


We had a wonderful time and it is on Heidi’s list of places to come back to! I’m sure we will be back, probably with cash to spend on the arcades this time!!

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The Great Yorkshire Maze – attraction review

Located about 30 minutes away from Scarborough and Filey, on the A64, the Great Yorkshire Maze is perfectly located for people staying on the North Yorkshire Coast.  The location is also perfect if you are planning a stop-off on the way to coast from West Yorkshire, or the way home.

Great Yorkshire Maze splash image

Please note that it is open until 6th September 2020.

What about the mazes at The Great Yorkshire Maze?

There are 2 mazes – one massive one, and a child-friendly one where you can’t get lost!!  For the main maze, you get a helpful map and along the way, there are 11 questions which spell out a word.  The main maze took us about 40 minutes to complete but we never felt trapped or lost!

Great Yorkshire Maze big maze
The main Great Yorkshire Maze maze

The child-friendly maze is a simple path in the corn field, where there are numerous scarecrow characters.  Some are very cute and is one where the children can run in and you don’t worry about losing them.

Great Yorkshire Maze child friendly maze
Child themed scarecrows

What else is at The Great Yorkshire Maze?

Included in the entry price are 2 ride tokens per person. You can use these on a few rides, including dodgems, 1930’s Speedway, Hush Hush train ride, swingboats, and a chair-o-plane.

Our favourite was the dodgems as it was 1 token per car and as Heidi was under the 140cm limit, I had to go in the car with her. What a hardship!! As such, we went on 4 times and had a brilliant time! It was Heidi’s first time driving and I am sure it won’t be her last.

Dodgem fun!!

Also at The Great Yorkshire Maze is Professor Dan doing a traditional Punch and Judy show. Heidi enjoyed it so much, we watched it twice. The show is in a Big Top, where there are a few picnic tables. However, for the children to get the most out of it, let them sit at the front. There is lots of room, but give them a coat to sit on, as it is quite dusty at the front!

Professor Dan!

There are also a few “pay for” games, such as hook a duck, which cost £3 each. More importantly, you get a prize every time. Clearly this isn’t included in the entry price!

Other bits and bobs

The site is cashless, and as such, there isn’t a cash machine on site. The toilets are Portaloos which were very clean when we visited at 2pm, but clearly they aren’t the most spacious.

So long as the ground is dry, The Great Yorkshire Maze is suitable for prams and pushchairs, as it is very flat. However, if there has been rain, I can imagine it would get muddy quite quickly.

Finally, dogs are allowed in and they are free of charge!!

Our verdict

For us, we spent a wonderful 2 ½ hours at The Great Yorkshire Maze. The weather was good, which is important as it is an outdoor attraction. The fact that you get fairground rides included in the entry price is a big plus, and the dodgems were a big hit!!

We loved the dodgems!

Top Tip!

If you’re an NHS employee, take your ID badge and get 50% off!!

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Clifford’s Tower – York

Clifford’s Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in York, but what is it actually like inside? With our English Heritage membership, we have been a couple of times and it only felt right to write about it!!

What is at Clifford’s Tower?

The facilities are quite sparse at Clifford’s Tower. After all, it is a about a thousand years old and they didn’t really think about baby changing facilities in those days!!

Family day out at Clifford's Tower
Family day out at Clifford’s Tower

In the basic form, Clifford’s Tower involves climbing up 2 or 3 stories of stairs to see the view of the city of York. It is true that there isn’t much else “to do” and it will probably take 30 minutes or so to look round, so what is the appeal….??

The views

The main reason to go to Clifford’s Tower is to see across the city of York and beyond. On a good day, the views are amazing and the maps handily indicate what you are looking at!!

You are quite high up, so whilst the views are impressive, they are not for those scared of heights!! Rather than me describe the scenes, here are a few pictures which will hopefully do it justice.

What is there for children?

Hopefully the views will take their breath away, but failing that, on the ground floor, there are a few bits and pieces for them.

The best for us was the dress up box with wooden swords and Knights dress-up. As you can see we had good fun “pretend” fighting (There were a few real hits, particularly on my hands!!)


There are a few information boards to help educate both young and old.  However, if you have a choice of reading about the history of York, and play fighting, what would you do?! Perhaps the education would be best left for the adults!!

Play fighting


As mentioned previously, Clifford’s Tower isn’t particularly accessible.  You have to be good with heights and climbing tight, winding stairs. There aren’t any toilets and whilst pushchairs are allowed, I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you have a baby carrier/sling.

Clifford's Tower from above

Younger children will struggle with Clifford’s Tower, so it might be something to do when they are school aged.

Whilst in York…

Around 200 yards away from Clifford’s Tower is Fairfax House – a Victorian House mock-up, which is brilliant for inquisitive youngsters. You can read about our previous visit here, in this blog post

Clifford's Tower shield

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Wellness at Alpamare

On a rare (very, very rare!) childfree weekend, we went to Wellness at Alpamare in Scarborough for my first Spa experience!  It was such a relaxing experience and one that I am sure that we will want to do again.

Adults only!

Wellness at Alpamare is a relaxing, calm experience and as such, it is adults only. If you’re looking at taking the family to Alpamare, then this blog post is ideal for you.

Getting started

When you get to Wellness at Alpamare, you are given your towel and robe at the entrance and get changed in the usual changing rooms.  Make your way upstairs and you’ll be welcomed at the Wellness at Alpamare reception. Here you will be given a tour of the facilities.

For those who are more into these things, you are given a couple of suggested routes around the facilities to get the most out of it.  However, we didn’t use them but they are clearly there for a reason!

The staff at reception are more than happy to answer any queries or offer advice. Here you can help yourself to free flavoured water, book any treatments and order food/drinks.

The Wellness at Alpamare lounge

The Facilities

Wellness at Alpamare offers both treatments and the general spa experience. We didn’t have any treatments, and whilst they are offered, there is certainly not a hard sell by the staff.

The spa has both a Finnish sauna, which overlooks the sea as well as a clay sauna. There are also foot spas, again, which look over the sea.

Wellness at Alpamare view over the sea
The view from the Finnish Sauna and footspas

In terms of baths, they have a Herbal Steam bath and a soap steam bath, which is extremely funny to see other people try to work out how to use it!

Perhaps my favourite was the warm centre stone, where you lie down and relax on the warm stone. It might sound daft, but it was so soothing on my back and so relaxing!

You also get full use of the Alpamare swimming facilities!!

Alpamare pool
Alpamare swimming pool

Top Tips

Being a newbie to spas, I did find it a bit strange, but my word, it was so relaxing! Here are a few tips to get the most out of your experience:

  • The saunas are intense, therefore don’t worry about giving them short sharp bursts.
  • Enjoy a drink/snack in the lounge overlooking the main pool.
  • You have the rest of Alpamare to use as well, so enjoy the super warm pools.
  • If you go on an evening, there are some nice photo opportunities. However, phones, saunas and spas don’t mix very well!
  • Go to the Aufguss Ceremony. It is a bit strange, but the mixture of heat and aroma is a bit different!

Just Relax!

As Wellness at Alpamare is child free, then the atmosphere is completely different to the rest of Alpamare. As such, relax, enjoy some adult company and let the body and mind drift. Sometimes we have to look after ourselves and after going to Wellness at Alpamare, I was so so chilled!!


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Brimham Rocks

One of the places we discovered in 2019 was Brimham Rocks, which is to the north of Harrogate near Pately Bridge. The mixture of climbing, adventure and mystic means that virtually every weekend a request is made to go back!!

Brimham Rocks view
The view at Brimham Rocks

What is at Brimham Rocks?

Brimham Rocks is set in 400 acres of moorland and historic rocks that is open all year round. As it is in great outdoors, weather can be a factor, and so take an extra layer, just in case!

To some, there isn’t much to do at Brimham Rocks except walking. There are no shops, no playgrounds, no games. However, the open space, mud and rocks prove an excellent backdrop to allow your children (and yourself) a way to get exercise and fresh air!

The Rocks

If you’re going to Brimham Rocks, then you’re going to want to climb the rocks! It is best to go when it is dry as they can become slippy but they aren’t too difficult to make a decent attempt at them.

Brimham Rocks
The Rocks!!

Children from about 3 or 4 years of age can probably feel comfortable starting out on them, although it is best if a grown up leads the way and/or helps them up and down.  Probably best not to wear anything you don’t want to get ripped or muddy, because once they start climbing, it will be difficult for you to stop them!

Climbing the rocks

One thing that I like to do is get Heidi to imagine how the rocks came to be how they are. As such, it isn’t just a place to explore the body, it is a place to explore their imagination and mind too!


One of Heidi’s interests in 2019 is geocaching and Brimham Rocks is great for it! There are 4 which are quite easy to find for young families and they are great fun to help motivate little legs!

Geocaching at Brimham Rocks
Geocaching at Brimham Rocks

There are a total of 13 dotted around the park, but some of the others are a little more difficult and may be suitable for older families.


The car park is of decent size, and whilst Brimham Rocks entry is free, car parking does cost. In 2019, it costs £6 for 4 hours (which is long enough for most) and is very competitive, especially compared to somewhere like the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. If you’re a National Trust member, parking is free!

There is a toilet block and outdoor cafe about half a mile walk from the car park, past most of the rocks and there is an information point at the car park. There is also a picnic area next to the cafe.

The paths are ok for prams and pushchairs, but it might be a slightly bumpy ride at times!

All in all, we absolutely love Brimham Rocks and I am sure that we will keep on going in 2020 and beyond.

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Ponderosa Zoo

The outskirts of Heckmondwike is not the first place you imagine an animal park to be. However, Ponderosa Zoo has been there for a number of years and apparent investment in the park and animals has breathed new life into the venue.

Ponderosa Zoo Animals

Ponderosa Zoo has two functions; one being an entertainment attraction, but the other is that it is a place for therapy for people. As such, the animals at Ponderosa Zoo are on the smaller, friendlier side!

There are meerkats, reptiles, birds, otters, reindeers and many, many more.   In late October, they have just introduced wallabies so it will be interesting to see how they take to Heckmondwike!!

Ponderosa Zoo isn’t a huge attraction, and as such, it is quite child/toddler friendly. It will probably take a couple of hours to walk round, with a few stops at the play areas thrown in. However, it does get a bit chilly and muddy, therefore pack an extra jumper and wellies, just in case!! Although there is mud, Ponderosa Zoo has paths all the way round, so it is pram-proof!

Ponderosa Zoo tortoise
My favourite!

There are a number of talks throughout the day and it is best to look on the website at the times, before planning a visit. The animal handling talks are usually the most popular talks and it is usually a good idea to plan around those. The staff are really friendly, especially during the talks and are happy to answer any questions about the animals.

Ponderosa Zoo holding animals
You don’t have to do this!!

Perhaps most importantly, the animals looked to be well cared for and happy. By no means is this an educated view, but it is important to mention.

Halloween Trail

For Halloween 2019, for an extra £3, you can take part in the Halloween Trail. This is where you have to find 10 “gravestones” of extinct animals hidden around the park.

You’re looking for these!

It isn’t too difficult, although we did see one family struggling to find the last one!! If you complete it, you get a “small treat” which in our case was a lolly.

Check out my pumpkins!

However, the main part of the trail is getting to do pumpkin carving, with no danger of getting hurt!! In the “pumpkin patch”, you can select a pumpkin and a member of staff will cut the top off for you. Then you need to scoop it out (spoons and baby wipes are provided!). After that, you draw your design and allow the staff to do the carving.

Ponderosa Zoo pumpkins
Check out our designs

For £3, it is really good value for money, and you don’t have to pick up a knife at all!! I would do the pumpkin patch towards the end, just so you aren’t carrying it around Ponderosa Zoo. However, as it takes them a few minutes to do the carving, I wouldn’t leave it until the last moment either.

Play Areas

There are a few decent sized play areas for the little ones to burn off some energy. There is the ship and huge sand play area, which is brilliant in summer.

Ponderosa Zoo play area

There is also 2 sets of climbing frames, both of which are a little bit different. However, they have slides and allow the children to climb and run around.

Ponderosa Zoo play area 2

There is also the indoor play area (extra charge applies) but this is closing in early November 2019.  However, they are keeping its replacement well under wraps!!


At Ponderosa Zoo, there is a indoor ice cream/snack outlet, as well as the Lakeside restaurant. The restaurant is often used for functions and so check before you set off whether it is open or not. The Sunday carvery smelt terrific however, when we popped in to use the toilets there!

Speaking of toilets, there are plenty dotted around so you shouldn’t be too far from one!

Car parking is free (yes, free!) and plentiful and there is a small gift shop at the entrance/exit.


All in all, if you’re looking for lions, tigers or bears, Ponderosa Zoo isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for an afternoon out where the children have space to play and see smaller animals, then you can’t go wrong with Ponderosa Zoo.

Disclosure: For the purposes of this blog post, we received free entry to Ponderosa Zoo for the Halloween Trail. However, we have previously paid entry prices, on numerous occasions. This blog post has not been edited by Ponderosa Zoo, nor any influence made on it.

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Light Night Leeds

October is “Light Night Leeds” month and it is a perfect night out for grown-ups and children alike. Whilst the attractions change year on year, the crowds always turn up regardless of the weather. As such, here are a few hints and tips to make the best of Light Night Leeds.

Make a plan

You simply cannot see everything at Light Night Leeds. There are too many things and it is too busy. However, pick a few things that interest you and stick to them. You’ll see plenty as you walk within the city centre, but if you walk aimlessly, you might miss quite a bit!

Light Night Leeds - Jugglers
Light Night Leeds – Jugglers

In 2018, our favourite was the Leeds Children’s Circus exhibit in the Kirkgate Indoor Market, and there is always something for the children to enjoy.

Light Night Leeds - Circus School
Light Night Leeds – Circus School

Eat before arriving

City Centre restaurants and bars will be busy and you don’t want to be wasting time waiting for food. As such, eat before getting into town, and take a few snacks to keep the children happy and quiet!!

Wrap Up Warm

Yes, you will be walking throughout the city centre. However, it is a night event and the October chill will be in the air. As such, take an extra layer and you’ll be thankful when the sugar rush has worn away and the children complain that they are cold!!

Use a pushchair

There will be crowds and you will end up walking throughout the city centre. As such, if your child is on the edge of being in a pushchair, err on the side of caution and use it. It will come in useful in case they get tired, and it will also be a good battering ram!!

Light Night Leeds - pianos
Find the pianos in Leeds City Centre!

Check out the Queens

Queens Hotel is usually the focal point of the Light Night Leeds exhibits. As such, if you only have chance to go to one thing, go here. They usually show an animated short show on a loop on the side of the hotel. There are numerous special effects and is a sight to behold.

Because of this, and the traffic, if you can get into the city centre by train, do so!!

It would be great to read your own hints and tips to make the most of Light Night Leeds for you and your family. As such, please use the comments section below!!

Light Night Leeds - Queens Hotel
Light Night Leeds – Queens Hotel

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Domino’s Xscape – Restaurant Review

If I could only have one meal in the world, it would probably be pizza! As such, when we got the opportunity to visit Domino’s Xscape for their store opening, we couldn’t say no!!

We were invited to Domino’s Xscape by the good people of Don’t Panic Events, who did an amazing job given that the queue had built up around half of Xscape before the start of the event! However, as we arrived a couple of hours in, it was busy, but not hectic.

If truth be told, we didn’t know what to expect, apart from a couple of slices of free pizza. However, we were given the chance to make our own pizza, which turned into a magical experience!

Domino's Xscape explaining how the oven works
Explaining how it all works!!

Making the Pizza

First and foremost, the Domino’s Xscape staff were so friendly, especially as they were run off their feet making pizzas and working the crowd. A but shout out to Karan for helping us to make the pizzas and Hannah for organising it.

All dressed up!!

First impressions were that Domino’s Xscape is quite small “behind the scenes” (as Heidi puts it) but so well organised. After we were given the aprons and hats, we washed our hands and we started!

Heidi made a 9in pizza with beef and pepperoni and Oscar made a garlic bread with ham. Kim and I made, well, I’m not sure, but I can confirm that there wasn’t any pineapple on it, because pineapples don’t belong on pizzas!!!!

Heidi loved the opportunity to put the ingredients on and whilst she does it at home now and again, there was something special about doing it in a real kitchen! The thing that amazed her was the fact the oven was a conveyor belt, rather than a standard oven! I was amazed that none of us burned ourselves on the ovens!!!

Putting the ingredients on

So, how did we do?? I’m not sure we are as good as the Domino’s Xscape professionals, but we absolutely loved it!

The finished product!!

The other highlight of the day was the fire-eater, who was absolutely amazing. However, I’m not sure it would be any good for cooking pizzas!!

Domino's Xscape Fire Breather
An alternative to the oven!!

How to Find Domino’s Xscape

The Domino’s Xscape outlet is on the side of Xscape facing the Junction 32 shopping outlet. It is a little hard to find, but there is parking just outside!! There are a few seats and tables to eat at, but it is mainly for takeaways. There is plenty to do at Xscape, one of which is the trampoline park, Gravity, which I have written about previously here.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to see a pizza outlet open. I’m sure we will be back to Domino’s Xscape, but we will let the professionals do the cooking next time!!

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Playdale Farm Park

Located inland between Scarborough and Filey, in Cayton, Playdale Farm Park is hidden off the beaten track but is a wonderful way to spend a day in the area.  We went when Heidi was 3 and had a lovely time, but now she is 6, she could enjoy it even more!

We spent 3 hours at Playdale Farm Park and only saw half of the animals and missed out on 2 of the play areas. It’s safe to say that it is a day-long attraction!!


As Playdale Farm Park is, well, a farm, there are the usual animals to see. In the main barn, there are goats, pigs, alpacas and chicks to see, amongst others.  In the other barn and dotted around outside are donkeys, chipmunks, sheep and loads of birds.

Heidi holding a chick
Heidi holding a chick

Perhaps the best part of this is the handling activities that are set up during the day.  Times can vary so check before you set off, but we got to hold guinea pigs and chicks that were only a couple of days old.  Whilst it was busy, we didn’t real rushed and had long enough to hold the animals, before both they and the children got bored!!

Heidi holding a guinea pig
Heidi holding a guinea pig

The staff looking after the animals were more than happy to talk to the children about the animals. They also encouraged children to wash their hands after holding the animals, to make sure the risk of catching a bug was reduced,

Play Areas

Even if you are not into the animals, there are loads of play areas for the children to run about and, well, be children.  There are 2 outdoor climbing play frames, as seen below, which are more than adequate for most children aged 2 to 12.

The smaller Playdale Farm Barn outdoor climbing frame
The smaller Playdale Farm Barn outdoor climbing frame

There is also an indoor barn full of hay bales, which the children absolutely loved.  Because of this, it might be a good idea to pack a spare set of clothes for the children because hay can get EVERYWHERE!!

Playdale Farm Barn hay barn
Playdale Farm Barn hay barn

There is also an indoor play area with 2 soft play areas – one for under 4’s, and one for over 4’s, although the children can play in either quite easily. Inside the indoor play area are ride on tractors as well.

Indoor play area at Playdale Farm Barn
Indoor play area
Indoor tractors
Ride on tractors

However, as it was a lovely early September day, we had great fun on the zipline, dry sledging and the cycle go-karts. As you can see in the video at the start, the zipline and dry sledging isn’t for toddlers, but children 4 and over should be ok with it. Once we got over some nerves, Heidi absolutely loved it and it was difficult to pull ourselves away from it!

We didn’t even make it to the sand play area or the Frisbee golf, but I suggest the latter is more for adults. It can get a bit windy and the children may get a bit bored chasing the Frisbee!


To make the most of Playdale Farm Park, you do need dry weather, as some of the activities are outside.  If you have bad weather, there is enough to entertain, but you will miss out on the dry sledging, which was our highlight!

There are plenty of picnic tables for you to bring your picnic, as we did. However, there is also a lovely looking cafe, with some amazing looking cakes, which I really should have taken a photo, as well as bought!!

The toilets are of decent quality and the cubicles are quite large, which helps when you’re with children. There are plenty of hand washing stations, which is always good to see.


For 2 adults and 2 children, it cost just over £30 (2019 prices), with free parking.  This didn’t feel too bad given that we took our own food and could have had a full day of entertainment.  The children absolutely loved it and I am sure that we will be back on a future trip to the North Yorkshire Coast.

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