This is my little corner of the internet, but there is a little bit of history that might be interesting. Here you can learn “about us“. Leeds Dad started out soon after me and Heidi’s mum broke up and I started going on amazing adventures with Heidi. It was a way of reminiscing about the great things we had done in the weekend before.
Being a single dad was hard and taking that step to go out and about was even harder. I hoped that writing about our journeys would inspire at least one person to go out somewhere different. Since I started this in 2016, I like to think that I’ve done that! However, the blog was the source of my latest relationship. You can read the blog post here about the first date. However, it was through the Leeds Dad Facebook page that I came into contact with my new partner, Kim. We got talking, met and after a while, the children met. At the time, Kim’s child, Oscar was only 18 months old and clearly that was easier to manage than building the relationship bonds with Heidi who was 4 at the time. Whilst it had its ups and down, as every relationship does, as a blended family, we are all very happy together. Kim now helps with the social media side of things, but generally speaking, the website is for me.
Heidi, Oscar and Matthew
Heidi is old enough to understand a bit more about the blog and loves to see what we post. It is an online diary that we go back to time and time again, and it is a wonderful memory box for us.

About the blog posts

Whilst some bloggers/”influencers” make a living out of their blog, I certainly do not!! In fact, I have never been paid money for a blog post and I never will. It is a source of integrity that I believe is needed. There are times when companies want me to write about their attraction/product. For this, all I ask is that we are not out of pocket for visiting the attraction, or getting the product. You will always see this disclosed at the start of any blog post or social media posting. All the blog posts are made honestly and without influence and if something is rubbish – you will read about it!!

Want to work with Leeds Dad?

We are always looking to write about new places to go, new products on the market – that is the exciting part of blogging!!
If you want to work with Leeds Dad, you’ll be getting excellent return on investment and exposure on a website that attracts more than 10,000 a year. Social media posts generally exceed 50,000 views a month and because of the nature of our readers, you know the type of people who will be reading the posts. You’ll also learn more about us!!
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