Manor Heath Park – Halifax

With only a morning of pleasant weather to play around with on a July Sunday morning, we made our way to Manor Heath park in Halifax, which is about a mile from The Shay.

Manor Heath Park

Free on street parking is plentiful and the park itself is quite sizeable to walk round, if your heart desires. We were drawn by the wet play area and made sure we took a spare set of clothes for Heidi which was a great idea! The wet play area has a small amount of sand and it is just about enough for the little ones and the wet play area is a series of taps and troughs taking the water within the play area. It is good enough to keep the little ones occupied for 15-20 minutes, by which time, the cold water will start having an effect!

We then moved onto the playground which was about twice the size as a standard playground. As such, there was nothing at such a level where a toddler couldn’t go on. The exception to this was a high slide, which is probably for kids aged 8+ but there are a couple of other slides for the smaller ones. The equipment was safe and clean and in good condition. We spent about 30 minutes here before the clouds started formed and we decided to keep on moving. However, we could have stayed another 30 minutes.T

Tropical Centre

We then went into the Manor Heath Park tropical centre. This was the only part which cost us (£1 each, under 5’s are free). It is billed as a butterfly house, but there were no butterflies! However, there were plenty of fish and tropical plants! However, the best part was seeing the terrapins on the path as we walked round. There were so settled that they let Heidi lie down next to them and let her stroke their shells! She was absolutely made up with it!

As you can expect, it is quite hot in there and as it is all flat, try and leave your pushchair in the reception area. This is particularly true as the paths are narrow and they tend to get in the way! We spent about 15 minutes in there which felt about right. There is also a garden which won’t be much interest to the little ones!

There is a cafe on site which seems to have good reviews and there are toilets (20p each). They weren’t the cleanest so if it is dry, you might be best to do a nappy change in the park! All in all, a good morning out and really good value for money!!

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Standedge Tunnel (25/7/2015)

Firstly, apologies for not updating the blog for quite a while. Sometimes real life gets in the way of having fun but seeing as though I have a sleeping toddler before 9pm, I thought that I would give a review on today’s trip to Standedge Tunnel Country Fair.

Standedge is just outside Marsden, which is a 20 minute drive west of Huddersfield and while there is a quicker way over the country roads near Slaithwaite and Golcar, anyone prone of car sickness should go on the A62!

We parked at Marsden train station  (free!) and had the option of either walking along the canal to the Fair (15 minutes), getting a free minibus or getting a water taxi (£1 single for adults, 50p for children). We took the option of walking going to the Fair and getting the water taxi back. The walk was quite easy as it was flat and while the water taxi was nice, it was no quicker and as it only seats 12, if there is a long queue, you will be waiting for a long time!

The main attraction is the boat trip into the tunnel (£4.50 for adults) but it was probably not the most exciting for a 2 year old toddler! We didn’t go on it this time, simply because there was loads more stuff to do!

There were 2 sets of stalls to entertain the visitors. The outdoor stalls had tractors that kids (big and little!) can sit on and farm animals for petting (piglets, donkey, kid goats, lambs, rabbits etc) and these were the stars of the show for Heidi! Also outside were a selection of food stalls and a hook a duck stall!

Inside were a few other stalls selling clothing and other such items, as well as a free face painter. The face painter was fab, not only because the painting was good, but knowing that a 2 year old would not sit still for long and knew a quick design would be best! Oh, and the paint comes off at the end of the day! 🙂 also inside was an indoor play area which was small, but big enough for chhildren up to 6 or so to spend 15 minutes to burn off some energy!

Outside was an outdoor playground for the older children and the now famous Hey Diddles, who did 2 shows! I have written in the past about them, and it was so good that Heidi remembered them from the last time we saw them, which makes the effort worth it! Even better that they remembered her (or are good fibbers!) They were as good as ever and the main reason we came along!

The crowds got bigger during the day, which is really good to see as it is a free event in its second year and I am sure if the crowds are as good for the Sunday (weather permitting) it will be held next year as well.

All in all, it was a lovely 4 hours spent in a beautiful part of the world and I am sure that we will be back at sometime, even if there isn’t an event on, as it is so idyllic!

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