“The Sun: Living with our Star” is the Science Museum’s latest “paid for” exhibit, running from 6th October 2018 to 6th May 2019. We were invited along to check out the exhibit, for the purposes of the blog post.

The Sun: Living with our Star lead image

What is “The Sun: Living with our Star” Exhibit?

“The Sun: Living with our Star” takes visitors on a journey through time with human’s relationship with the Sun.  Starting from 3,000 year old artefacts all the way through to modern day science and its effect on civilisation, you realise how important the Sun is to us, as well as how much we still don’t know about it.

The exhibit, in true Science Museum style, also focused on how the sun can create power. There was an excellent little game to get children to think about reflecting light to create power.

Also, it looks at future problems caused by the sun, namely solar storms, and there was an excellent quiz for everyone to learn about what we would need in the case of a solar storm.

Solar Storm quiz
Doing the Solar Storm quiz

For me, the best part was seeing a hi-resolution video of the sun, and marvelling about how much activity occurs. Seeing it relatively close up meant that you see things that you never see before. 

image of sun
High-Res image of the Sun

Is “The Sun: Living with our Star” child appropriate?

Yes! There is nothing scary about the exhibit and so nervous children will be fine!  There are enough exhibits that the little ones can touch and play with for them to be engaged throughout.

Perhaps the part that the children liked the most was the mock beach, as it also doubled up as a little playground as well!

Beach time!!

In terms of learning, the children found learning about sundials to be particularly interesting. I think that it was because it was quite visual, as well as the fact that they don’t see sundials very often.

sun dials
Learning about sundials

How much does “The Sun: Living with our Star” cost?

The best part about this exhibit is that children under 16 are free! The pricing structure is:

Adults                                 £13.50

Concessions                       £11.70

Seniors                                 £12.60

Children (under 16)         Free

What else is there to do at the Science Museum?

There is the fabulous Wonderlab on the top floor. You can read about Wonderlab in this blogpost.  Also, the Science Museum has a whole host of free galleries to view as well and you can quite easily spend all day at the Science Museum.

Top Tip!

If you’re looking for a good photo opportunity, there is a section towards the middle depicting the Sun’s ray. The provides excellent lighting for photos, especially with the cut out holes at the back!

Photo spot
I love this photo!!


Whilst we received free entry into “The Sun: Living with our Star”, this did not influence any opinion of the blog post.

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