We have been to Shrek’s Adventure a couple of times now and given that the new “How to Train Your Dragon” exhibit is now open, I thought that I would write about it.

Shrek's Adventure - lead image

What is Shrek’s Adventure?!

I am not sure that there is anything similar to Shrek’s Adventure in Central London! Shrek’s Adventure is a walking tour through the story of Shrek, where you spend 5 minutes or so in each scene before carrying on the story. Each scene is led by a character in the story and generally something magical happens in each one, be it a witch appearing from nowhere or a toilet exploding!

Shrek's Adventure - mirror maze
Mirror Maze © Mikael Buck / Shrek’s Adventure London

After the introduction from Fiona (from Shrek) you go into a stationary bus and have an immersive 4D ride where you take in the sights of the world before crashing on top of a witch or two! It is very immersive and as such, it can be overwhelming for younger children. However, it is really good to watch and so if your little one can be brave, then they will love it.

The After-Show

After you have completed the show, there is a nice little break-out area, where the children can wind down. There are a few photo opportunities with still characters from the show and allow them to be kids again!

Shrek's Adventure How to Train Your Dragon exhibit
The new “How to Train Your Dragon” exhibit

When we went in February 2019, they had just opened a new exhibit from “How to Train Your Dragon” which will be popular with the younger children especially.

Favourite Parts

For me, my favourite memory is when Cinderella tried to get me to go out with her!! No, I’m not kidding! However, Heidi got really upset that someone was going to take me away from her, she got really upset! It was very cute indeed!!

Shrek's Adventure - image of Cinderella
Cinderella at Shrek’s Adventure London. © Mikael Buck / Shrek’s Adventure

My other favourite part is the Sleeping Beauty section, which provided hours of entertainment in the days/weeks to follow. However, I won’t give the secret away.

No Photos!!

You may have seen that that photos on here are professional and don’t contain Heidi or myself. That is because you’re gently told at the beginning that you aren’t allowed to take photos. Whilst that’s bad for blogging, it does mean that the experience is authentic and flows better.

There are a couple of photo opportunities at the start which you can buy, as well as one at the end with Shrek himself, which is free. However, the memories from Shrek’s Adventure will just have to be that – memories.

Shrek's Adventure image with Shrek
Meeting Shrek himself afterward

Age Appropriate?

This is a difficult one to answer as it depends on your child. There are scary parts, which means that more nervous children will find it a challenge. But then there are some really funny parts, which all children will like.

Heidi was aged 4 when we went and she loved most of it except the Pinocchio and jail scenes. As such, you might want to give extra big cuddles during those parts.

Shrek's Adventure - real muffin man
The real muffin man © Mikael Buck / Shrek’s Adventure London

As it is a walking show, there is naturally walking. However, it is all flat, inside and generally walking 20 yards or so before stopping for the next section. There aren’t many opportunities to sit down, therefore a 3 year old might struggle towards the end.

Shrek's Adventure - image of teddy muffin man
You can get a teddy version at the shop afterwards!

Grab a bargain!

As with most Merlin Attractions, there is often a deal to be had. If you want to do the Sealife Centre and, say, the London Eye (which are pretty much next-door) then there is a decent saving in buying your tickets together.  Also, there for often 2-for-1 offers run by travel companies and various household consumer brands.

The Verdict

Shrek’s Adventure is one of the things in London that you have to do at least once. As it is located on the South Bank opposite Westminster, its location is ideal and as it is indoor, can be a suitable “wet weather” activity. We have done it twice now and loved it each time and I’m sure that we will do it again in the future.

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