Ok, it might be a bit strange me doing a blog post about a shop. However, M&M’s World is such a cool shop, I feel as though it needs a writing about!

M&M's World splash image

What is at M&M’s World?

M&M’s World is a shop over 4 floors full of everything related to M&M’s. From socks to tablewear, T-shirts to personalised M&M’s, it has everything that you could imagine.  The store is bright and colourful, with upbeat music being played throughout, it is a really positive experience going there.

Photo opportunity at M&M's World
M&M guest appearance!

Why is M&M’s World more than just a shop?

There are loads of photo opportunities here for young and old alike. From M&M’s cars, to M&M’s mimicking the legendary Beatles image of them crossing the road, as well as random M&M characters showing up for photos, there is more to do than just shop.

M&M's as the Beatles
M&M’s as the Beatles

Heidi’s favourite activity in the store was doing the mood personality test. Whilst it did show that she did indeed have a personality, it did differ each time she did it, therefore, it could be a sign of temperamental teenage years to come!!

M&M's World personality test
M&M’s World personality test!

Our magical M&M’s World experience

The main reason for writing this was when we visited M&M’s World in February 2019, we were approached by Philip-Alexander, who worked in their marketing department. I think that this was because Heidi was wearing a cool M&M’s T-shirt bought on a previous visit!!

We were asked a few questions about various products, price points and generally, whether we liked the in-store experience.  It only took 5-10 minutes, but he was really friendly throughout. Then, the magic!! Heidi was allowed to get some free sweets from the shop! She was over the moon with excitement and it really topped off our Friday evening. 

Car at M&M's World
There’s even cars at M&S’s World!

Then, Heidi got talking to some more members of staff, who again were oh so friendly. Heidi was telling them about the questionnaire that we had done and our plans in London for the weekend. Heidi then sweet-talked them (excuse the pun!) into giving her some more chocolate! It just shows how nice the staff are!

Santa in M&M's form!
Santa in M&M’s form!

Where is M&M’s World?

M&M’s World is in the heart of Leicester Square and so it is central to a lot of things in London. You can easily spend an hour here, even without buying anything!! However, if you time it right, there is a musical display directly outside the store (look up!) which is lovely to watch and hear.

Musical display outside M&M's World
Musical display outside M&M’s World

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