It might seem strange to do a blog post on a family blog about a bar, but Belowzero Ice Bar is a bit different. We went in February 2019, and as we loved it so much, I had to write about it.

Belowzero Ice bar splash image

What is Belowzero Ice Bar?

In its simpliest form, Belowzero Ice Bar is just a bar. It serves drinks and music is played. However, as the name suggests, the temperature is around -5oC and so it is a really “cool” experience (ok, I’ll stop with the puns!). You are given Eskimo coats to wear to keep you warm, and special gloves to wear. It doesn’t  feel too cold to be honest, and quite refreshing if it is a warm day in London.

Fancy ice sculpture!

The Ice Bar is decorated with ice sculptures with a different theme every few months, so in some respects, every visit will be slightly different. There are ice-free places to sit down (you wouldn’t want a wet bum!) but generally you’ll want to look around all the ice sculptures.

The bar isn’t especially large, which makes it feel intimate, but not busy, especially as too many people will make the ice melt! You are advised to book in advance, which helps manage numbers I imagine.

What does Belowzero Ice Bar serve?

Belowzero Ice Bar serve a range of cocktails and mocktails. I am not much of a drinker, but the mocktails were enjoyed by Heidi and myself! The best thing is that the drinks are served in ice!! As a result, you need your special gloves to be able to hold onto the “glass”!!

I can confirm that it is possible to break an ice glass, as they can be quite slippery!

Belowzero Ice Bar bar
Yes, these are made of ice!

Is Belowzero Ice Bar child friendly?

It is as child friendly as a bar without a beer garden can be! As you are only in for 40 minutes, and people are there for the experience, rather than get drunk, then there is little chance of people misbehaving. Also, there is the usual security, to make sure no-one goes in drunk.

However, there are rules on under 18’s. They only allow under 18’s in up to 18.30 Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday. Children 8 and under are free to enter.

Having a Belowzero Ice bar mocktail
Having a mocktail!

I never felt that it was not safe or not appropriate for Heidi to be there.

How much does Belowzero Ice Bar cost?

There are various ticket packages, but the tickets come with a drink included. There is a family ticket, which covers 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children. We found this to be cheaper than buying the drink for Heidi separately.  However, your circumstances may mean it is cheaper to buy any under 8’s a drink separately.

Topical too…!!

Whereabouts is Belowzero Ice Bar?

Belowzero Ice Bar is located between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus, quite close to Hamleys. It is hidden away in the Heddon Street Food Quarter, just off Regent Street. As such, give yourself a bit of time to find it, especially as you don’t want to be late!!

Yes, it is in London!


Heidi absolutely loved Belowzero Ice Bar, and it was something completely different. Yes, it is expensive and as such, it is a bit of a one-off. However, if your child is mature enough, it is a wonderful experience to have.

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