If you have a child interested in the state of the climate, and you want to get them a personalised gift, then Blue Fox – From the Sewer to the Stars could be an ideal book to get them!

What is in the Watadventure book?

The Watadventure book is made up of around 50 pages of education and entertainment.

There are 2 main stories, which include your child, written in a comic-book style. As the recommended age range is 6-12, then the stories go into some detail and you certainly get value for money!

Heidi is 6, but a good reader and found the language at a decent level. You will be able to let your child read the book independently without many problems.  Also, the book is child-proof, so you don’t need to worry about “adult” themes.

The stories are based around your child being a superhero. Given the fact that they can see themselves in avatar form, this makes the stories easy to read for the children and as such, they want to carry on reading!

Watadventure activities
There are activities as well as reading

Also within the book are certain activities that the children can do, somewhat independently again. However, what I do like the most is the educational pages about the environment, particularly answering the “why” questions that children love to ask!  If you have a child into the environment, then this would help them learn so much, so quickly!

Finally, the book tackles mental health, in such an appropriate way. Without scaring children, it makes them aware of their feelings and generally how to tackle issues relating to them.

Watadventure mental health

How to make the Watadventure personalised

The highlight of the book is clearly the fact that it can be personalised for your child. When ordering the book, all you have to do is type your child’s name and select an avatar for them (there are about 8 to choose from).

You don’t need to upload anything and you can order from your smartphone really easily. You can order from the Watadventure shop here.

Watadventure avatar
This is what the Watadventure avatar looks like

The avatars are meant to be a cartoon version of your child and so it won’t be a perfect replication of them. This might be a little difficult to explain to children at the younger end (as I found out!)

Whatever you do, make sure you spell your child’s name correctly!!!

The Environmental message

It is clear that the target market for this book is children who are interested in climate change and the environment.

As such, if your child isn’t into this, then there are probably better books to buy for them. (They also do a Brexit book for children, which looks interesting!). However, this book is ideal for little Greta Thunberg’s who are passionate about the planet and have an active imagination.

The environmental message is throughout the book, and the book is made from sustainably forested paper, which is a nice touch.

Watadventure sustainable paper

The book is of excellent quality as well and will certainly survive being read many times!!

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Disclaimer – We have been sent this book for the purposes of this review. However, no influence has been made on the contents of this post.

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