If you’re fed up of CD’s of traditional nursery rhymes to entertain the children in the car, then this blog post is for you!! We were invited to review “Rolling Down the Road” – a music CD aimed at children aged up to around 8, by David Gibb. For full disclosure, we received the CD and some merchandise free of charge. However, no influence has been made to alter this review.

The Music

If you’re wanting a CD full of sing-a-long traditional nursery rhymes, then this is not for you. However, if you’re wanting something a little different, something upbeat and jazzy, then you have come to the right place!

It’s difficult to do a music review, although there is a link below to a YouTube sample, but if you zoned out of the lyrics, you would feel as though the music was on BBC Radio 2. The beat is up-tempo, there is plenty of rhythmical guitar play and the lyrics are 100% child friendly. Also, the audio quality of the singing, instrumental and the CD itself is 100% professional. This is not an amateur performer!!

Rolling Down the Road CD image

As the songs are up-tempo, it is difficult to sing-a-long to. To some, this might be a blessing, however, after a few listens, you might get the hang of a few songs!  The songs are based along the themes familiar to children, such as animals and transport, as well as some nursery rhymes. However, as they are brand new songs, it will feel fresh for grown-ups and you won’t get bored, compared to the regular children’s songs that you tend to get.

Heidi rocking the Rolling Down the Road T-Shirt
Heidi rocking the Rolling Down the Road T-Shirt!

About David Gibb

Rolling Down the Road is David Gibb’s third album, with the first two leading to a tour of theatres, arts centres and festivals, including the famous Just So Festival. For Rolling Down the Road, David has collaborated with a three-time Grammy nominee, Brady Rymer, who is doing a guest vocalist on the album.

An earlier David Gibb album

I think that it’s fair to say that David knows what works for children and this album shows that quality.

The Upcoming Tour

Rolling Down The Road will be accompanied by an exciting live music stage show, devised by David alongside best selling children’s author Michelle Robinson and produced and directed by Half Moon Theatre in London. The show, which is set to open in September 2019, will be based around the songs and music from his new album and will feature David as the lead performer alongside other guest musicians. The show will then tour the UK in Spring 2020, with an opening run at The Story Museum in Oxford.

Where to hear more

Rolling Down the Road is out now and you can buy it from your usual music providers. You can also buy the CD and associated merchandise at www.davidgibb.com

If you’re not sure, then check out this YouTube video, and see if it takes your fancy:

I’m sure that you’ll love it and you’ll be looking at dates for the tour in 2020!!

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