The Little Tikes Remote Control Dozer Racer is a really cool remote control toy, aimed at children 3 and above. It has a full range of movements and the tipper can go up and down. Whilst the remote control aspect may be difficult for some, it is a good toy even if you only use it manually.

Little Tikes Remote Control Dozer Racer

Because the toy is a bulldozer and a car, as well as being manual or remote controlled, little ones should have hours of fun with it!


The Little Tikes Remote Control Dozer Racer has a sturdy outer plastic shell which means that it should be fine it it gets rammed into doors and walls constantly!! Because the wheels are on tracks, it means that it can take a bit more wear and tear compared to other such toys.



The remote control is a bit small and I can see that it could get lost to the bottom of the toy box. As a result, you probably need to keep an eye on it!! We did notice that the remote control lost signal at times as well. However, the set up of the toy was quite straight forward.


The videos within this Little Tikes Remote Control Dozer Racer post will speak much better than the words!!

The vehicle can move forwards and backwards at ease and has a very small turning circle. At a push of a button, it can transform from a bulldozer to a car and whilst it does make a bit of noise, that is probably good so that oncoming adults and pets can move out of the way!

The vehicle moves really well on carpet. Whilst a hard floor would be best to get top speeds, we didn’t have any problems on carpet.

Because the toy is easy to use, it makes it a really fun toy to play with. You could imagine that the grown-ups would have just as much fun with it as the little ones!!


The Little Tikes Remote Control Dozer Racer requires 8 AA batteries to work (6 for the vehicle, 2 for the remote control). These do not come with the product, so please be aware of this before giving it to your child!


The remote control aspect of the Little Tikes Remote Control Dozer Racer may be a little too precise for preschool fingers without assistance. However, that just means that they can have fun pushing and pulling the bulldozer manually.

This saves the batteries for when the children are asleep and the adults can have a play!!

IMPORTANT! I was gifted the Little Tikes Remote Control Dozer Racer for the purposes of this blog post. However,  no influence has been made to influence this post.

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