We were invited to Kaspa’s Desserts to check out their menu and see how child friendly the place was. In short, we had an amazing time, especially Heidi who was allowed to make her own dessert! The food was amazing, but also, it is a cool place to hang out and older children would really appreciate that!

The food

Kaspa’s Desserts is one of the new breed of dessert restaurants which have sprung up over the last few years. As you might imagine, taste is the priority over calorie counting, however, there are potentials on the menu if you are watching what you’re eating.

Kaspa's Desserts ice creams
Kaspa’s Desserts ice cream range

However, as you can tell with the pictures, we were on full sugar mode on our visit to Kaspa’s Desserts! The pictures probably tell the story better than what I could, but the food was absolutely gorgeous!

Every dessert is made fresh and so you know that the quality will be good. Also, as you can see them making the food, it adds confidence to the fact that the place is spotless (to the untrained eye!)

M&M Cookie dough

The portion sizes are adult sized in the main, so you might end up finishing your child’s dessert off, but that’s one of the perks of parenting!! However, both Heidi and Oscar pretty much finished their desserts, which says how much they enjoyed them.

The one downside is that the sugar crash is real, therefore bear that in mind for a few hours later!!!

Also, they are very aware of food allergies, as demonstrated by this poster next to the till…

The venue

The venue can be simply described as “cool”. There is upbeat music playing, there are a few seats in the style of Vespas and the colour scheme is bright and funky.

Kaspa's Desserts Restaurant
Kaspa’s Desserts looking pretty cool

Kaspa’s Desserts in Leeds is fully step free so it is suitable for prams etc. However, it is on an upper floor of the Core Shopping Centre, so you might need to navigate the escalators/lifts.

Enjoying the ice cream in the comfy booth!

Perhaps the coolest part is the fact each booth has its own power sockets so you can recharge your phone/laptop. Also, there is free Wifi which is always a good thing!!

The Staff

Granted, we were invited along to Kaspa’s Desserts for this blog post, but we found the staff super friendly, especially with the children. A big shout out to Salim, who was so accommodating with the children.  Heidi wanted to do a Q & A with him on a Facebook video, but thankfully (for Salim!) I talked her out of it!

One good thing was that the staff didn’t come round every 5 minutes asking if everything was ok. They got the balance right and avoided that awkward part where you’re trying to answer with your mouth full of food!!

Making sure the ingredients are correct!

Heidi’s opinion

Heidi loved doing her Facebook Live video and here is a link to it. On here, Heidi introduces her “brother” Oscar to for the first time to the social media world!!!

Heidi and Oscar (for the first time on the blog!)

Disclosure – We were invited to Kaspa’s Desserts for the purposes of this blog post. However, no influence has been made to affect its contents.

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