For those who have been following the blog, you’ll know that we are big fans of the Rainbow Factory. One main reason is the close-up nature of their shows and general activities. The 2019 festive show “Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco” is no different.

No Spoilers!

It is always difficult doing a review of a show because you don’t want to give any of the plot away!

However, Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco is loosely based around a cheeky elf who steals Santa’s sleigh to try to make up for the bad things she has done.

She then goes to a number of well known fairy tale characters who are regularly on the naughty list, to try and get them onto the nice list.

In true Rainbow Factory style, there are songs, dancing, audience participation and snow towards the end!

Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco Snow scene
Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco snow!

Heidi loves to do her own videos and here is hers after the show (featuring the amazing Bryony)

Rainbow Factory Magic

One reason why I always recommend the Rainbow Factory show is that it is ideal for younger children.

They can sit on the floor, sit on a cushion, stand up or sit on an adults’ knee. The atmosphere is relaxed and so if a child has a meltdown, there are no tuts or moans from other members of the audience.

As the stage is small and quite often the show is within the audience area, the children feel as though they are part of the show. They can get up, walk with the characters and that is why the younger children especially are entertained by the show.

But don’t think that because the show is for children, it is amateur in any way. Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco is written by the amazingly talented Bruce Sharp, who also plays a key role in the show, whilst also being a friendly and supportive face when out of character. People like Bruce are why the Rainbow Factory is so popular and successful.

The other performers are Mya Heald and Katy Addison, who perform their roles superbly. Katy came to do Heidi’s 6th Birthday Party when we hired the Rainbow Factory and anyone who can handle stress like that deserves a medal!!

Also, the cast are happy to stop for photos after the performance so you can show off to everyone on social media!!

Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco cast photo

Key Details

The show runs from 14th December 2019 to 3rd January 2020 with various show times on various days.

The show lasts 45 minutes and so it is perfect for little ones.

The tickets are £8 each for the show (both for children and adults) or £12.50 for a Christmas craft upgrade. This includes making a Santa cookie plate and a Christmas tree decoration.

Heidi with Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco puppet

Disclaimer – We were provided Press Pass tickets for this event free of charge. However, no influence was made as to the contents of this post.

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