We were invited to review a number of Edu Print Plus posters for this review. Edu Print Plus supply a range of educational prints which are fun, inspirational and really well designed.

Poster Content

The Edu Print Plus posters fall into two main categories – Educational and Motivational. The educational posters are either based around multiplication, which we have, or around vocabulary. I guess it depends on what stage your child is at, but the vocabulary ones are lovely because they provide a number of synonyms which will expand your child’s vocabulary.

The motivational posters are my favourite however, because their messages are so powerful.  The problem that you’re going to have is picking one (or two!) that mean the most to you and your child!

I chose the “Dream Big, Be Kind. Work Hard” poster because it is everything that every child should do and hopefully it will rub off on Heidi.

I also chose the “Don’t be afraid to be different”. This is because Heidi is at an age where children can start being a bit cruel and it is important to reinforce the message that it is ok to a bit different, a bit special. The image along with the narrative is very simple to understand for a child as well.

I love these types of posters so much, that I wouldn’t mind having a few of them in the office at work!!

Poster Quality

The posters are not made out of the glossy paper which you normally associate with posters. The are made from art paper and with a velvet finish and surface protection, they are really durable.

One slight problem is because of the weight and the finish, the Edu Print Posters don’t stay on the wall with sellotape. As such, blu-tack is the way to go!!

The poster is A3 in size and as such, is just big enough for above a child’s bed. They don’t come with a frame, but to be honest, they look really nice without a frame!


As at November 2018, Edu Print Plus will ship for free anywhere in the world, when you order 4 or more posters.

All in all, Edu Print Plus provide a really good quality of poster, which would be ideal for a Christmas or birthday present. I’m sure that over time, we’ll get some more as Heidi grows up.

Full Disclosure: We were provided the posters free of charge for this blog post. However, no attempt was made to influence or alter the content of the post.


You can purchase these posters here

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