For an alternative Easter present, consider a Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod for your child!! We were gifted* a Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod for the purpose of this review, and you can read about it below.

Beaker Creatures Reaction Pod Splash image

How do Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods work?

You need a bowl of water and lots of towels (trust me on this one!). Simply place the egg into the water and watch it dissolve. After a few minutes, you’ll end up with a toy within a small, waterproof plastic egg. Open the egg, and voila, you have your toy!!

The children loved the colour and the fizz of the egg as well as getting a toy at the end. They especially enjoyed the purple water, playing with the dissolvable egg and crunching with their fingers. They continued playing with the toy in the water which I though was a great sensory experience but it got a bit messy for the grown-ups (hence the need for towels)!!

What do you get with a Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod?

Within the box, you get a mini creature, a poster with some facts and a classification card on which monster could be in your pod.

Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod contents

How many Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods are there?

Within Series 1, there are 30 to collect! If truth be told, you might be fed up sooner than the children if you try to collect all 30!!

From what age are Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods suitable?

The recommended age is 5+ although younger children will enjoy the fizz and the colour of the product, there is a choking hazard. As such, children under 3 years are probably best staying away from the toy or being closely monitored.

Beaker Creature Reaction Pod

How much does a Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod cost?

They are currently £4 and can be purchased from Learning Resources here:

* Whilst the product was gifted, no attempt was made to influence this review. Also, no money was given for this review.

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