Toilet Training

So while I like/love writing about days out and exciting things like that, sometimes real life takes over, in this case, toilet training!

Toilet training has never been forced onto Heidi, she has taken her own pace to it all. In fact, the first time she used a potty was in public, when one of her friends went and she decided to copy.

That was 2 months ago and after being caught a bit behind, we started doing the right things and things have been up and down. The holiday to the South Coast (read here) put the breaks on before we could really get into the habits, and we have good days and bad days.

In fact, yesterday was a good day and she was dry throughout for the first time. Success!

However, within that was an occasion where she went stood up (yes!) and once where I had to bribe her to sit on the training seat with sweets!

Today has been a disaster with wetness throughout and the only way I would have got her to sit on the toilet was by forcibly restraining her on it! (I didn’t, by the way!)

As a result, I don’t know what to do. She is physically scared to go to the toilet at times, both at home and out but at times she is a happy little toddler who takes great pleasure in keeping herself dry.

I’m sure that it will get better and maybe part of this is me being impatient, as all of her peers have pretty much mastered it. However, any advice is much appreciated (either in comments or [email protected]) and I’m sure I’ll post an update in due course!

Update: I have written an update here

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