Toilet Training – (part 3)

This has turned into a fortnightly update on the potty training saga and it appears as though we have turned a corner!

Part 1 can be found here and part 2 can be found here.

So, somewhat remarkably, Heidi has been dry for the last week or so. Not quite sure how, and not quite so sure why, but it has happening! Heidi has been dry overnight for quite some time and now it is working during the day.

The main reason for this post is to talk about public toilets and how impractical they are for toilet training. Firstly, I think that it is pretty much awkward for everyone seeing a dad bringing his 2 year old daughter into the gents. For this reason I try to use the disabled toilets, although for most, you need a special key to get into them (quite rightly too…)

Secondly, the space in the cubicle is very much limited and trying to fit a toddler and an adult into that space is very difficult! Previously, Heidi was seemingly claustrophobic and thankfully, that has passed. However, practicalities remain and I end up leaving the door open, but crouching in front to make sure all is well…the glamorous side of parenting!

So Heidi has been out of day time pull ups for a week now and we went on our first test this weekend, going on a mini break with a 2 hour drive (to Filey for my UK based readers). All in all, it went very well. Going, we stopped off as planned for a quick snack and timed it well so it was very smooth and was pretty much perfect.

On the way back, we didn’t have a break planned, as I was hoping that she was going to have a nap, but I got the “I need a wee” call after 90 minutes. As a result, I pulled into a residential street and used the potty on the pavement! Classy, I know but I wasn’t exactly sure what else to do! Any ideas are gratefully received!

Having said that, given that it was our first big challenge without pull ups, things went really well. Looking back at the previous posts in this series, I realise how far we have gone and now I am wondering if I will ever need to buy nappies ever again…!!

To read the final part, check out the link here: Toilet Training – (part 4)

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