Sheffield Life Festival

Sheffield Life Festival

The sign of a good day out is when you can’t stop talking about it afterwards and that was certainly the case with the Sheffield Life Festival we went to!

With Heidi being completely obsessed with all things medical and a particular focus on radiology (can 2 year olds specialise?!) it felt like going to a medical research event was a must do, even though it was in Sheffield and it certainly was!

Although the Sheffield Life Festival was in the slightly strange location on an indoor market, it helped create a good atmosphere. I dare say people who didn’t know about the event were drawn in. This hopefully increased the impact of the event. As a dad of a toddler, it helped as it was inside (read: dry and warm!)

Sheffield Life Festival

So the event was 9 or so stands dotted around the market all showing different aspects of medicine and medical research. While a few of the stands weren’t really appropriate for toddlers (and that is completely understandable) there were some which were absolutely brilliant.

The dentistry stand run by the dentist students was brilliant, Heidi is into brushing her teeth (thanks to a Minions toothbrush!). Hearing her talk about how she brushes them was an absolute joy. The students were absolutely fabulous with Heidi too. They showed her and taught her about fillings and being interactive with a drill.


We moved on to the stand run by the medical students. Given Heidi’s obsession with all things medical, I knew that this would be a success! We used a mock MRI machine and then we looked at real life x-rays. Then we played a game trying to put internal organs in the right place (not real!) While this final bit was a bit advanced for both of us. However, it gave me ideas how to teach/stretch Heidi’s learning going forward.


The other stands were not quite as toddler friendly. However, we did enjoy the chicken bone experiment (it would take me an age to describe it!). Just getting Heidi used to science, experiments and safety goggles is all good. Oh, and Heidi kindly got an ice lolly to help with her calcium, obviously!


Things for older children

There were some really cool things for slightly older children, which we tried to have a go at. This including using microscopes which was on the “to do” list after going to the Be Curious event in Leeds previously (link here) and so that was really good to do. We also saw some futuristic companion pets, although I think that was somewhat lost on Heidi!


All in all, we spent an hour and a half at the Sheffield Life Festival which was really good. We would have spent longer if we weren’t getting a bit hungry and had to head back home. Even after seeing everything, Heidi wanted to go back to see the x-rays and the dentists again!!!

Other Activities

After a quick bite to eat, we continued with the toilet training (update here!) with Debenhams toilets being the place to go! As the snooker championships are on at the moment, there were a few activities on the go. One was a mini-football court set up, which Heidi had a little go on…


I said at the start that the sign of a good day was went you can’t stop talking about it. Heidi was mentioning it all day yesterday and even wanted it as her bedtime story. Another sign that it was a good day was when Heidi fell asleep straight away for the journey up the M1. She was absolutely exhausted!

I’m sure we will be back to the Sheffield Life Festival in future years and take in more activities as this was just one part of it, albeit the most toddler friendly!

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