Situated on the North Bay of Scarborough near Alpamare (link here) the Sea Life Centre has been a constant on the Scarborough seafront for a number of years, but we have never actually been until now!

To get to the Centre, you can park in the council run car park just outside (£4 for 3 hours as of September 2017) You can also park near Peasholm Park and get the miniature train across. This might be an appealing option, especially in the warmer weather.

Picture taken outside of the walk-through area!!

So, what is there to see here? Well our favourite was the penguins, and at certain times during the day, you can walk through the penguin enclosure and get super close, if you stay super quiet and still! Little ones might find it a bit freaky, but whilst there is nothing to worry about, it might be an idea to watch a group go through first and see how you all feel. If you don’t go on the walk-through, you can still see them swimming, which is how I got this video…

There are also seals, otters, numerous types of fish and turtles. We took in the seal feeding session which was lovely to see and perhaps a bit more easier for the children to see because they are bigger than the otters, who also have a feeding session (not at the same time in the same pool– just imagine!)

Otter feeding time

Whilst some of the attraction is outside, it is certainly not a “summer only” attraction. Yes, if it is raining, some of it will be difficult to enjoy, but you can easily enjoy the outdoor bits on a cold, day day. There is also an outdoor play frame, which really breaks it up for the children. Whilst it will never be the main reason to go to the Sea Life Centre, it is a nice little extra.

Children’s Play Area

Also outside is a cafe, with a selection of prices below…


The attraction is generally flat and whilst it is over 2 floors, there are lifts for pushchair/wheelchair access. However, the site isn’t massive and so you might not need one if you’ve got a toddler. There is quite a dark bit near the beginning when you see all the jellyfish. As such, some children might find that a bit scary, but it is only a short part – and it isn’t scary at all!!!

Turtle swimming overhead!

One part that is really child friendly is the star/jelly fish touching.  I would have taken some photos, but the danger of dropping my phone in the water was too much!! However, the children really warm to it if given the right encouragement and parents leading by example!

All in all, we spent 1 ½ hours at the Sea Life Centre. The beauty of the ticket is that the ticket lasts all day so you can easily go first thing, then head to the beach for a bit and come back before closing!

A couple of other tips is to look out for online deals aor the money off coupons on the side of cereal boxes! Paying on the day is the most expensive way of visiting the attraction. Also, check out the times of the special talks before setting off. You might be interested in something specific (although make sure you go for the penguins!), and so plan accordingly.

We really enjoyed our visit and I’m sure that we will be back on a future visit to Scarborough!

** Full disclosure ** We received complimentary tickets (1 adult + 1 child) for the purposes of this review. However, this did not affect any part of the review.

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