Daddy/daughter day went further afield this time!  I had Heidi on a weekday during term-time and so we decided (well, me as Heidi is still 2!) to go to Blackpool for the day. This was with the hope of beating the crowds somewhat. Also, as Heidi loves her swimming I thought that it would be good to to Sandcastle Water Park.

Location and Facilities

In terms of location, Sandcastle Water Park is opposite the Pleasure Beach and we decided to park in the car park next to it. As the forecast wasn’t that brilliant, this turned out to be a good decision, and meant that I wasn’t carrying swimming items all day!

As we went in, the first think I realised was the coin-less locket. If you read this post (Swimming with a toddler!) you’ll know my loathing of money at swimming baths, so that was a good start. We found a changing room quite easily, although getting dressed afterwards was a bit more difficult. There were plenty of lockers to choose from. Also, when going into the changing rooms, it was nice and warm, which is a nice change!


So for the swimming itself. Sandcastle Water Park is clearly a water park and so if you’re wanting to teach your child to swim, it won’t work for you. However, there are 2 main swimming areas, one with a wave machine at the top and bottom of the hour and one with a ravine and a couple of children’s slides going into it.

There are also a large number of slides for big kids and little kids to go on. For toddlers, there are probably 4 slides that they can go on – 2 with adults and 2 without. Obviously, the queues were non-existent for these. However, with Heidi quickly getting tired, she didn’t want to go on any of them!

There is also a “splash zone” where kids can climb up a staircase/tower and splash those below. This was good and the ravine was also good to go round a few times. In terms of the wave machine, non swimmers can’t go into the deep end. This is with good reason as it is powerful enough in the shallow end and so care needs to be taken.

2 hours absolutely flew by even though we only went on 1 slide. We were only stopped by the fact Heidi was getting tired. If we were to go again, I would probably put some money on the wristband so we could go to the waterside cafe. This would mean that we could have had a rest and something to eat.


The pricing is a difficult one for me as it is probably one of the best in the country and cheaper than the new one to be opened in Scarborough. (You can read about Alpamare here). However, 3 year olds are charged a child’s price and they are clearly not going to last as long as older children. However, I fully understand the business reasoning. I suggest that you think about the price if you have a 3 or 4 year old.

However, compared to the Pleasure Beach over the road, Sandcastle Water Park is a bargain and with older children, you could legitimately stay in all day.

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