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An unexpected day off during the week perfectly coincided with the Rainbow Factory holding a day of taster sessions for their 0-5 year old classes that they are starting to put on from June onwards. As Heidi is not attending nursery, preschool or anything like that, I felt as though it was a perfect opportunity to spend the day at ‘Rainbow Factory School’ and see how she would get on.

We signed up for 4 classes: Mini Einsteins, Fantastic Phonics, Music Monkeys and Theatre Tots and while I was fearful that Heidi would flake out after the first 2, I thought that we would go for it!

Our first class was Mini Einsteins and as we entered the Rainbow Factory itself, we saw the mini (cute) lab coats hung up, which was such a nice touch and made it feel a bit more special.

Proud to be a scientist!

As it is aimed for 3-5 year olds, I knew Heidi would be a bit stretched (she is 3 next month) but actually, she managed to understand most of what was going on, and more importantly, has learnt and remembered as time has passed.

Heidi is a bit of a scientist anyway (see this post about our visit to a Science Fair) and so I thought that this would be ideal for her – and it was! I don’t want to give any spoilers, but the session was basicially a big science experiment, just like you did at school. Part of me thought that it would be too complex, but perhaps I am doing the kids a bit of a disservice, as they seemed to grasp what was going on.

Even though the class wasn’t marketed as messy, the lab coats were definitely needed and I am  glad that I brought the wet wipes and not the best outfit for the pair of us! However, the experiments were so simple and effective, I know that we will be trying a couple at home at some point. In fact, I have seemingly hammered home the fact that items fall because of gravity!!

Testing out gravity

And that is the beauty of this class, the learning only starts in the class, you need to carry it on at home for it to have an effect. Even though I am writing this a week or so after, after a prompt, Heidi remembers the experiments, remembers the outcomes and remembers some of the terminology.

It is a shame that I don’t think that we will be able to attend the classes on a Friday as I know that it would really help Heidi’s development. It just means that I will have to buy a home science kit and try not to ruin the house!!

Creating a volcano

If you have read this and know nothing about the Rainbow Factory (aka the best place in Leeds!), you might find this post useful.

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