Holmfirth Festival of Folk is an event that we attended in 2015 and the fact that we came back in 2016 says a lot about it. This is especially true as it is a 45 minute drive there!

We went on the Sunday again this year as Heidi is a huge fan of The Hey Diddles (old review here). However, there was more than just their show for the little ones.

Firstly, it is so good to see the town seemingly get together for such the Holmfirth Festival of Folk. It is certainly popular and as a result, car parking can be a bit of a nightmare. So if you’re reading this for 2017 (and beyond!) patience and planning is key!

However, as it is busy, it means that there is lots to see, even for younger children. The Saturday schedule had more activities for children with story telling, shows and music which would have entertained and tired out young and old alike and maybe next year, we could make both days.

2016 Children’s Schedule

Apart from The Hey Diddles, there were activities in the Memorial Gardens. These included owls which you could stroke, a maypole demonstration as well as a pirate entertainment show. I certainly realised that trying to explain the whys and wherefores of maypole dancing is remarkably difficult! We were hoping to see the pirate show as well as the Hey Diddles. However, the timings clashed somewhat but perhaps this was for the best as Heidi. This was because she was certainly freaked out by the mock guillotine and her screams drowned out the performance (sorry!)


However, the main part of the Festival on the Sunday are the folk/morris dancers who are dotted about the village centre. While some of them are “blacked up” (and thanks for the group from Worcestershire for explaining why) and may be scary, the music and dancing will likely entertain the little ones. The crowds show that they entertain the big ones as well.

I realise that I have not specifically written about the main reason we came to the Festival. That is because the Hey Diddles were brilliantly entertaining as always, with some new songs as well. However, if you do see them, if your child wants to get up and dance, let them! If for no other reason than it gives Heidi some company at the front and I won’t be the only nervous parent wondering if their child is going to go onto the stage area!!!! Apologies as well if Heidi was (incorrectly) answering all the questions/clues. She does get a little over excited with the show. In fact, she was crying afterwards because she wanted to stay and help them tidy up afterwards…!

The 4th Hey Diddle

Oh, and we managed to meet Snow White too!

Heidi and Snow White

Finally, in terms of child friendliness, the pavements are narrow and crowded. As such, it is difficult to take a pram, although you might need it for the storage space. For baby changing, we have found that the toilets upstairs in the Market Hall are the best ones to use. However, there may well be some others dotted around.

See you next year at the Holmfirth Festival of Folk!!!

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  1. Looks like a brilliant day out! I love that Heidi gets up front to dance! We went when Lily was just a baby (so too young to join in with anything but the grownups had fun) but I think she’s love it now! Thanks for linking up with #YorkshireFamily

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