As part of daddy/daughter week together, I wanted to go somewhere different, somewhere child friendly but also big. Therefore, I chose Gullivers World over the other side of the hills, in Warrington.

I chose this as it is a theme park just for children, particularly focused on the younger children. As such, it would be something completely different to what we have in Yorkshire. Lightwater Valley and Flamingo Land are more adult oriented and Sundown is somewhere we have been to already (and really enjoyed!)


After negotiating the M62/M60 for the second time in a week (see Play Factor-e post here) we arrived. One good thing is that the price is height dependent for the child. If they are under 90 cm, they won’t be able to go on many rides, but they will be free. Heidi is around 1m and while she cost the same as me (£17) she could go on virtually all the rides. However, I had to go on some with her (what a hardship!)

The park itself is really flat and pushchair friendly. As such, if you’re in half a mind to take a pushchair, do it! There is a lot of walking for little legs! The reason why I mentioned the height/cost is that if you have a 91cm child who hasn’t the best stamina, you might want to consider the value for money.


The park has loads of rides (too many to count!) included within the cost of admission. As we went during the week in term time, it was nice and quiet and so there were no queues. However, school trips tend to come on Thursdays and Fridays (nice!).

Given the number of rides, you don’t feel as though you have to pressure the little ones to go on everything. Our favourites were the Indiana Jones-type ride (because we got squirted!) the haunted house (this was good as it was busy and you can scare others with a flying toddler!) as well as the numerous car rides.

Heidi and Gilly!

If I am being honest, by personal favourite was the dodgems. This is because Heidi is now at an age where she is allowed on and can drive them. They don’t go too fast so you don’t need to worry about the potentials of whiplash!!

A couple of other popular attractions included the face painting (£4 a go) but pretty good face painting. However, though the park looked as though it had been invaded by tigers! Also, the goodbye show was absolutely excellent and  innocent fun. It is well worth the stay until the end as it is upbeat and gets the kids dancing.

Tiger driving a car!

It is a good idea to check out the show timetable when you arrive. We bumped into the clowns leaving their show and so it would have been good to see them in action.

Toilets and Food

In terms of facilities, the baby change facility in the dinosaur section looked pretty good expecially with the dinosaur decor (although no toilet within). There there are also numerous toilets around the park. In terms of food, there are plenty of food stalls and picnic tables in case you want to bring your own food/drink, which we did. There are a few shops dotted around, but by the time we got to the main shop at the entrance/exit we were too tired to shop!

Just a word of warning, the venue is 99% outdoors and so if you have rubbish weather, your day will be rubbish unfortunately!

If the weather is rubbish, you’ll have to do time in the play jail!

However, our day was excellent and we stayed from 11am to 4.15pm with barely a stop in between. Thanks to my Fitbit, I clocked over 10,000 steps walking 5 miles so bear this in mind when planning footwear! However, this was because we were having such a good time and wanted to go on so many things. If we can get back again in September before the bad weather kicks in, we will do!

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