If I could only have one meal in the world, it would probably be pizza! As such, when we got the opportunity to visit Domino’s Xscape for their store opening, we couldn’t say no!!

We were invited to Domino’s Xscape by the good people of Don’t Panic Events, who did an amazing job given that the queue had built up around half of Xscape before the start of the event! However, as we arrived a couple of hours in, it was busy, but not hectic.

If truth be told, we didn’t know what to expect, apart from a couple of slices of free pizza. However, we were given the chance to make our own pizza, which turned into a magical experience!

Domino's Xscape explaining how the oven works
Explaining how it all works!!

Making the Pizza

First and foremost, the Domino’s Xscape staff were so friendly, especially as they were run off their feet making pizzas and working the crowd. A but shout out to Karan for helping us to make the pizzas and Hannah for organising it.

All dressed up!!

First impressions were that Domino’s Xscape is quite small “behind the scenes” (as Heidi puts it) but so well organised. After we were given the aprons and hats, we washed our hands and we started!

Heidi made a 9in pizza with beef and pepperoni and Oscar made a garlic bread with ham. Kim and I made, well, I’m not sure, but I can confirm that there wasn’t any pineapple on it, because pineapples don’t belong on pizzas!!!!

Heidi loved the opportunity to put the ingredients on and whilst she does it at home now and again, there was something special about doing it in a real kitchen! The thing that amazed her was the fact the oven was a conveyor belt, rather than a standard oven! I was amazed that none of us burned ourselves on the ovens!!!

Putting the ingredients on

So, how did we do?? I’m not sure we are as good as the Domino’s Xscape professionals, but we absolutely loved it!

The finished product!!

The other highlight of the day was the fire-eater, who was absolutely amazing. However, I’m not sure it would be any good for cooking pizzas!!

Domino's Xscape Fire Breather
An alternative to the oven!!

How to Find Domino’s Xscape

The Domino’s Xscape outlet is on the side of Xscape facing the Junction 32 shopping outlet. It is a little hard to find, but there is parking just outside!! There are a few seats and tables to eat at, but it is mainly for takeaways. There is plenty to do at Xscape, one of which is the trampoline park, Gravity, which I have written about previously here.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to see a pizza outlet open. I’m sure we will be back to Domino’s Xscape, but we will let the professionals do the cooking next time!!

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