On our day trip to Newcastle, we took in the Life Science Centre (post here!). However, we also spent an hour or so at the Discovery Museum, which is about 10 minutes walk from the train station. If you’re struggling to find it, look for the imposing building. (think 19th century hospital!)

In truth, I wouldn’t really write a blog post about somewhere where we only spent an hour. However, the free attraction was so quaint, and delivered the most perfect memory to round off 2016, I simply had to!

Initially we went to make a lantern for the New Years Eve parade and I didn’t know much else about it before going in. However, the top floor was an absolute hidden gem of hands-on experiments and puzzles for children of all ages.

Making a lantern

Obviously some will get different things out of each section, but the floor was crammed full of visual illusions/perceptions, as well as bits about motion, gravity, electricity and telephone communications.

How many lights can you see?!

However, the best part of all was something hidden away in the corner – 3 mirrors put together – and it caused these reactions…


Heidi spent about 20 minutes in there playing/learning/experimenting. However, if it was not closing for the day, she could have been in there for hours!

Now, aside from this brilliant floor, the museum has 3 other floors detailing local history and other science-y things. However, we never got to see any of it as we grossly underestimated the time we needed!

This just gives us an excuse to come back to the Discovery Museum and explore, especially why there is a HUGE boat on the ground floor!!

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