Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco – Rainbow Factory Show

For those who have been following the blog, you’ll know that we are big fans of the Rainbow Factory. One main reason is the close-up nature of their shows and general activities. The 2019 festive show “Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco” is no different.

No Spoilers!

It is always difficult doing a review of a show because you don’t want to give any of the plot away!

However, Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco is loosely based around a cheeky elf who steals Santa’s sleigh to try to make up for the bad things she has done.

She then goes to a number of well known fairy tale characters who are regularly on the naughty list, to try and get them onto the nice list.

In true Rainbow Factory style, there are songs, dancing, audience participation and snow towards the end!

Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco Snow scene
Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco snow!

Heidi loves to do her own videos and here is hers after the show (featuring the amazing Bryony)

Rainbow Factory Magic

One reason why I always recommend the Rainbow Factory show is that it is ideal for younger children.

They can sit on the floor, sit on a cushion, stand up or sit on an adults’ knee. The atmosphere is relaxed and so if a child has a meltdown, there are no tuts or moans from other members of the audience.

As the stage is small and quite often the show is within the audience area, the children feel as though they are part of the show. They can get up, walk with the characters and that is why the younger children especially are entertained by the show.

But don’t think that because the show is for children, it is amateur in any way. Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco is written by the amazingly talented Bruce Sharp, who also plays a key role in the show, whilst also being a friendly and supportive face when out of character. People like Bruce are why the Rainbow Factory is so popular and successful.

The other performers are Mya Heald and Katy Addison, who perform their roles superbly. Katy came to do Heidi’s 6th Birthday Party when we hired the Rainbow Factory and anyone who can handle stress like that deserves a medal!!

Also, the cast are happy to stop for photos after the performance so you can show off to everyone on social media!!

Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco cast photo

Key Details

The show runs from 14th December 2019 to 3rd January 2020 with various show times on various days.

The show lasts 45 minutes and so it is perfect for little ones.

The tickets are £8 each for the show (both for children and adults) or £12.50 for a Christmas craft upgrade. This includes making a Santa cookie plate and a Christmas tree decoration.

Heidi with Jingle the Elf’s Fairytale Fiasco puppet

Disclaimer – We were provided Press Pass tickets for this event free of charge. However, no influence was made as to the contents of this post.

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Sleeping Beauty – Lawrence Batley Theatre

For a laugh-a-minute panto at Christmas-time 2019, you can’t go wrong with Sleeping Beauty at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.

Sleeping Beauty Splash image

The Story

Well, Sleeping Beauty is Sleeping Beauty and without issuing a spoiler alert, the story ends happily. However, there is a modern twist to it, and so it is like no version you have seen before.

The story has singing and dancing throughout, but at no point does the story get lost amongst the songs – it is quite seemless.

The show has all the Panto favourites including “He’s behind you!” and “Oh no it’s not!” and the cast is supported by very able children performers from the local area.

However, don’t take my word for it, here is Heidi’s review of the show:

No Star Names, No Problem!

One of the main things about Panto is that you often see a C-List Celebrity of two on stage, or the same “celebrity” year after year at the same venue (hello Bradford!).

With Sleeping Beauty at Lawrence Batley, you’re not paying to see “star” names, you’re paying to see a star show, by start performers.

It is clear that the cast love their craft, be it Robin Simpson as Nanny Fanny or Thomas Cotran, who played Sebastian Prince. If you have been to see previous Pantos at the Lawrence Batley, you might recognise some of the actors, and you might be forgiven signing “My Name’s Jack, Sing it Back” after last year’s wonderful Jack and the Beanstalk production.

Hester the Jester

It feels a little unfair to single out just one performer, but Nicola Jayne Ingram as Hester the Jester was Heidi’s favourite.

Her broad Yorkshire accent shouldn’t be funny, especially in Huddersfield, but it just works. The jokes were well written and delivered and even when the script went a bit awry, the performers were talented and confident enough to roll with it.

Child Appropriate?

Some of the jokes are not entirely child appropriate. However, the younger ones won’t understand the jokes. But the older ones may cringe if they are sat with their parents!!

At no point did I think that Heidi (aged 6) shouldn’t be watching it, although she did ask why people were laughing a couple of times!

There are a couple of bangs/flashes in the show, especially at the beginning, but for those with sensory issues, it should be ok. If in doubt, get seats a bit further back.

The first half is 70 minutes long, which may prove difficult for some. However, there is a 20 minute interval before a shorter (45 minute) second half.

Sleeping Beauty show times
Sleeping Beauty show times

A Word of Warning!!

If you’re sat in the first few rows of the stalls, you may end up getting a little wet as one of the characters (no spoilers!) uses a water pistol! Nothing too drastic, but put your valuables away if you see it coming!!

Also, if you’re in the front couple of rows, you may be unfortunate enough to be picked on by Nanny Fanny. Fortunately, there is no need to get up on stage, but proof positive that you need to book your seats early to avoid this!

The Lawrence Batley Theatre

Lawrence Batley Theatre

The Lawrence Batley is located in Huddersfield Town Centre, about 10 minutes walk from the train station. If you’re driving, you’re best parting in the Market Hall car park, although it can get busy during the daytime.

There is a cafe on site as well as the usual refreshments at interval time!!

The ice cream does come with a spoon – promise!

Disclaimer – We were provided Press Pass tickets for this event free of charge. However, no influence was made as to the contents of this post.

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Watadventure Book Review

If you have a child interested in the state of the climate, and you want to get them a personalised gift, then Blue Fox – From the Sewer to the Stars could be an ideal book to get them!

What is in the Watadventure book?

The Watadventure book is made up of around 50 pages of education and entertainment.

There are 2 main stories, which include your child, written in a comic-book style. As the recommended age range is 6-12, then the stories go into some detail and you certainly get value for money!

Heidi is 6, but a good reader and found the language at a decent level. You will be able to let your child read the book independently without many problems.  Also, the book is child-proof, so you don’t need to worry about “adult” themes.

The stories are based around your child being a superhero. Given the fact that they can see themselves in avatar form, this makes the stories easy to read for the children and as such, they want to carry on reading!

Watadventure activities
There are activities as well as reading

Also within the book are certain activities that the children can do, somewhat independently again. However, what I do like the most is the educational pages about the environment, particularly answering the “why” questions that children love to ask!  If you have a child into the environment, then this would help them learn so much, so quickly!

Finally, the book tackles mental health, in such an appropriate way. Without scaring children, it makes them aware of their feelings and generally how to tackle issues relating to them.

Watadventure mental health

How to make the Watadventure personalised

The highlight of the book is clearly the fact that it can be personalised for your child. When ordering the book, all you have to do is type your child’s name and select an avatar for them (there are about 8 to choose from).

You don’t need to upload anything and you can order from your smartphone really easily. You can order from the Watadventure shop here.

Watadventure avatar
This is what the Watadventure avatar looks like

The avatars are meant to be a cartoon version of your child and so it won’t be a perfect replication of them. This might be a little difficult to explain to children at the younger end (as I found out!)

Whatever you do, make sure you spell your child’s name correctly!!!

The Environmental message

It is clear that the target market for this book is children who are interested in climate change and the environment.

As such, if your child isn’t into this, then there are probably better books to buy for them. (They also do a Brexit book for children, which looks interesting!). However, this book is ideal for little Greta Thunberg’s who are passionate about the planet and have an active imagination.

The environmental message is throughout the book, and the book is made from sustainably forested paper, which is a nice touch.

Watadventure sustainable paper

The book is of excellent quality as well and will certainly survive being read many times!!

If you like this post, you might like to read this post about how Heidi and I like to read to each other.

Disclaimer – We have been sent this book for the purposes of this review. However, no influence has been made on the contents of this post.

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Kaspa’s Desserts

We were invited to Kaspa’s Desserts to check out their menu and see how child friendly the place was. In short, we had an amazing time, especially Heidi who was allowed to make her own dessert! The food was amazing, but also, it is a cool place to hang out and older children would really appreciate that!

The food

Kaspa’s Desserts is one of the new breed of dessert restaurants which have sprung up over the last few years. As you might imagine, taste is the priority over calorie counting, however, there are potentials on the menu if you are watching what you’re eating.

Kaspa's Desserts ice creams
Kaspa’s Desserts ice cream range

However, as you can tell with the pictures, we were on full sugar mode on our visit to Kaspa’s Desserts! The pictures probably tell the story better than what I could, but the food was absolutely gorgeous!

Every dessert is made fresh and so you know that the quality will be good. Also, as you can see them making the food, it adds confidence to the fact that the place is spotless (to the untrained eye!)

M&M Cookie dough

The portion sizes are adult sized in the main, so you might end up finishing your child’s dessert off, but that’s one of the perks of parenting!! However, both Heidi and Oscar pretty much finished their desserts, which says how much they enjoyed them.

The one downside is that the sugar crash is real, therefore bear that in mind for a few hours later!!!

Also, they are very aware of food allergies, as demonstrated by this poster next to the till…

The venue

The venue can be simply described as “cool”. There is upbeat music playing, there are a few seats in the style of Vespas and the colour scheme is bright and funky.

Kaspa's Desserts Restaurant
Kaspa’s Desserts looking pretty cool

Kaspa’s Desserts in Leeds is fully step free so it is suitable for prams etc. However, it is on an upper floor of the Core Shopping Centre, so you might need to navigate the escalators/lifts.

Enjoying the ice cream in the comfy booth!

Perhaps the coolest part is the fact each booth has its own power sockets so you can recharge your phone/laptop. Also, there is free Wifi which is always a good thing!!

The Staff

Granted, we were invited along to Kaspa’s Desserts for this blog post, but we found the staff super friendly, especially with the children. A big shout out to Salim, who was so accommodating with the children.  Heidi wanted to do a Q & A with him on a Facebook video, but thankfully (for Salim!) I talked her out of it!

One good thing was that the staff didn’t come round every 5 minutes asking if everything was ok. They got the balance right and avoided that awkward part where you’re trying to answer with your mouth full of food!!

Making sure the ingredients are correct!

Heidi’s opinion

Heidi loved doing her Facebook Live video and here is a link to it. On here, Heidi introduces her “brother” Oscar to for the first time to the social media world!!!

Heidi and Oscar (for the first time on the blog!)

Disclosure – We were invited to Kaspa’s Desserts for the purposes of this blog post. However, no influence has been made to affect its contents.

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Rolling Down the Road – Music Review

If you’re fed up of CD’s of traditional nursery rhymes to entertain the children in the car, then this blog post is for you!! We were invited to review “Rolling Down the Road” – a music CD aimed at children aged up to around 8, by David Gibb. For full disclosure, we received the CD and some merchandise free of charge. However, no influence has been made to alter this review.

The Music

If you’re wanting a CD full of sing-a-long traditional nursery rhymes, then this is not for you. However, if you’re wanting something a little different, something upbeat and jazzy, then you have come to the right place!

It’s difficult to do a music review, although there is a link below to a YouTube sample, but if you zoned out of the lyrics, you would feel as though the music was on BBC Radio 2. The beat is up-tempo, there is plenty of rhythmical guitar play and the lyrics are 100% child friendly. Also, the audio quality of the singing, instrumental and the CD itself is 100% professional. This is not an amateur performer!!

Rolling Down the Road CD image

As the songs are up-tempo, it is difficult to sing-a-long to. To some, this might be a blessing, however, after a few listens, you might get the hang of a few songs!  The songs are based along the themes familiar to children, such as animals and transport, as well as some nursery rhymes. However, as they are brand new songs, it will feel fresh for grown-ups and you won’t get bored, compared to the regular children’s songs that you tend to get.

Heidi rocking the Rolling Down the Road T-Shirt
Heidi rocking the Rolling Down the Road T-Shirt!

About David Gibb

Rolling Down the Road is David Gibb’s third album, with the first two leading to a tour of theatres, arts centres and festivals, including the famous Just So Festival. For Rolling Down the Road, David has collaborated with a three-time Grammy nominee, Brady Rymer, who is doing a guest vocalist on the album.

An earlier David Gibb album

I think that it’s fair to say that David knows what works for children and this album shows that quality.

The Upcoming Tour

Rolling Down The Road will be accompanied by an exciting live music stage show, devised by David alongside best selling children’s author Michelle Robinson and produced and directed by Half Moon Theatre in London. The show, which is set to open in September 2019, will be based around the songs and music from his new album and will feature David as the lead performer alongside other guest musicians. The show will then tour the UK in Spring 2020, with an opening run at The Story Museum in Oxford.

Where to hear more

Rolling Down the Road is out now and you can buy it from your usual music providers. You can also buy the CD and associated merchandise at www.davidgibb.com

If you’re not sure, then check out this YouTube video, and see if it takes your fancy:

I’m sure that you’ll love it and you’ll be looking at dates for the tour in 2020!!

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Iroko – Restaurant Review

We were invited to Iroko for a press preview event, where they were highlighting their Yakitori menu. For full disclosure, we didn’t have to pay for the evening, but no editing or influence has been made on this blog post.

As it was a rare childfree evening, we turned it into date night! To read about the start of my dating adventure, check out this post: http://www.leedsdad.com/parenting/leeds-dad-starts-dating-again/


For the uninitiated (like myself), Yakitori is a Japanese BBQ dining experience, where several small plates of food are brought out one at a time.

I “think” that there were 6 plates all in all. I say think because after a while you do lose track a little bit!! The food was clearly freshly made and amazingly presented.

Starter including seaweed and butternut squash, gently fried
Starter including seaweed and butternut squash, gently fried

Even though the food keeps coming, you didn’t feel overpowered by it all, and you didn’t feel rushed. As you can see, there isn’t much on each plate (the pictures are for both of us) and so if there is a plate that doesn’t appeal, you can easily pass on it.

Tender chicken with tangy flavour
Tender chicken with tangy flavour

Because of the nature of the Yakitori menu, you don’t get a choice on the food, therefore there might be some which you don’t fancy. For us, the duck heart wasn’t the most appealing, but that was psychological, as the food tasted very good.  Clearly, this was not one for vegetarians…

Ox Tongue
Ox Tongue

My particular favourite was the chicken balls right at the end, as you could tell that the quality of the meat was top notch and it tasted really fresh. A lot of the plates had a tangy taste to them, with only a couple being overpowering. (I am such a softie when it comes to spicy food!)

Chicken Balls with egg yolk
Chicken Balls with egg yolk

You are certainly full at the end of the evening, but not uncomfortably full. There wasn’t any dessert on the menu, but you probably need a break before having something sweet!!


As I was driving, it was up to Kim to test out the cocktails, which was clearly a hard task! As you can see below, there was an Espresso Martini (£8.50), French 75 (£9) and a Singapore Slinger (£8.50)

Espresso Martini
Espresso Martini
French 75 drink
French 75
Singapore Slinger drink
Singapore Slinger

Given that I was driving, I asked to see what soft drinks they recommended, in the hope of something a bit different.  However, all that was offered was the standard fare, so I went for a small can of coke, for £2.

You also get chilled table water, which is needed as the food certainly carries flavour!


Iroko is located about 100 yards from the Corn Exchange, along Boar Lane in Leeds.  As such, the location is very central for if you want to go out before or after the meal.  However, this also means that car parking can be problematic.  Your best options are either the Trinity car park or the Tetley.  One place which I wouldn’t recommend is the NCP car park near the markets. Chances are that you’ll need to take out a second mortgage to park!!

Is Iroko Child friendly?

Whilst we went on a rare child-free “date night”, clearly I have looked at Iroko as a dad as well. We couldn’t see any high chairs, although there was a nice baby changing unit in the toilet.

Yes, I am that blogger that takes pictures of toilet facilities!

The food on the Yakitori menu is perhaps a little too spicy for pre-teens, but I would recommend picking a couple of small dishes from the taster menu. That way, they can try a couple of different things and there is more of a Western vibe to the menu.


Iroko is a pretty chilled out place, especially given the fact it is in the middle of Leeds City Centre. We never felt rushed at all and we were so relaxed at the end of the evening.   The Yakitori menu has a 2 hour window and this felt just about right as the food was finished being served after about an hour or so. However, you can chill out and enjoy a drink after the food has finished, before the next sitting starts.

All in all, it is a lovely place to visit, and if the menu appeals to you, you will have a great time.

A chilled out, romantic setting

Iroko also do a number of different themed evenings and so you might find something that is more to your liking on their website.

With plenty of drink selections!
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Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod

For an alternative Easter present, consider a Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod for your child!! We were gifted* a Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod for the purpose of this review, and you can read about it below.

Beaker Creatures Reaction Pod Splash image

How do Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods work?

You need a bowl of water and lots of towels (trust me on this one!). Simply place the egg into the water and watch it dissolve. After a few minutes, you’ll end up with a toy within a small, waterproof plastic egg. Open the egg, and voila, you have your toy!!

The children loved the colour and the fizz of the egg as well as getting a toy at the end. They especially enjoyed the purple water, playing with the dissolvable egg and crunching with their fingers. They continued playing with the toy in the water which I though was a great sensory experience but it got a bit messy for the grown-ups (hence the need for towels)!!

What do you get with a Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod?

Within the box, you get a mini creature, a poster with some facts and a classification card on which monster could be in your pod.

Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod contents

How many Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods are there?

Within Series 1, there are 30 to collect! If truth be told, you might be fed up sooner than the children if you try to collect all 30!!

From what age are Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods suitable?

The recommended age is 5+ although younger children will enjoy the fizz and the colour of the product, there is a choking hazard. As such, children under 3 years are probably best staying away from the toy or being closely monitored.

Beaker Creature Reaction Pod

How much does a Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod cost?

They are currently £4 and can be purchased from Learning Resources here:

* Whilst the product was gifted, no attempt was made to influence this review. Also, no money was given for this review.

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Edu Print Plus Posters

We were invited to review a number of Edu Print Plus posters for this review. Edu Print Plus supply a range of educational prints which are fun, inspirational and really well designed.

Poster Content

The Edu Print Plus posters fall into two main categories – Educational and Motivational. The educational posters are either based around multiplication, which we have, or around vocabulary. I guess it depends on what stage your child is at, but the vocabulary ones are lovely because they provide a number of synonyms which will expand your child’s vocabulary.

The motivational posters are my favourite however, because their messages are so powerful.  The problem that you’re going to have is picking one (or two!) that mean the most to you and your child!

I chose the “Dream Big, Be Kind. Work Hard” poster because it is everything that every child should do and hopefully it will rub off on Heidi.

I also chose the “Don’t be afraid to be different”. This is because Heidi is at an age where children can start being a bit cruel and it is important to reinforce the message that it is ok to a bit different, a bit special. The image along with the narrative is very simple to understand for a child as well.

I love these types of posters so much, that I wouldn’t mind having a few of them in the office at work!!

Poster Quality

The posters are not made out of the glossy paper which you normally associate with posters. The are made from art paper and with a velvet finish and surface protection, they are really durable.

One slight problem is because of the weight and the finish, the Edu Print Posters don’t stay on the wall with sellotape. As such, blu-tack is the way to go!!

The poster is A3 in size and as such, is just big enough for above a child’s bed. They don’t come with a frame, but to be honest, they look really nice without a frame!


As at November 2018, Edu Print Plus will ship for free anywhere in the world, when you order 4 or more posters.

All in all, Edu Print Plus provide a really good quality of poster, which would be ideal for a Christmas or birthday present. I’m sure that over time, we’ll get some more as Heidi grows up.

Full Disclosure: We were provided the posters free of charge for this blog post. However, no attempt was made to influence or alter the content of the post.


You can purchase these posters here

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Sounds of the Forest

Sounds of the Forest is a book and owl whistle combination that is designed to help bond adult and child whilst reading. It is beautifully presented and is perfect to introduce children to the world of reading.

Sounds of the Forest

Sounds of the Forest – Book

The story is about a baby owl going through the forest, experiencing all the sights and sounds that the forest has to offer. Given the age range (2 to 7 years) there clearly won’t be anything scary or anything that needs checking beforehand!

The book is about 12 pages long with generally a short paragraph on one page, and illustrations on the opposite page. It isn’t a difficult read and so children in Year 1 and 2 should be able to read most of it.

When reading it, it is quite an easy book to get into a rhythm whilst reading and it is more like a poem rather than a book. As such, it is quite a soothing read.

Just a word of note that the story uses “Mommy” rather than “Mummy”, which might need some explaining!!

Sounds of the Forest – Owl Whistle

The Owl Whistle is relatively small for grown-up hands, but pretty much perfect for pre-school hands. Even better, the whistle isn’t too loud, therefore it’s not going to get on anyone’s nerves, or wake up younger siblings!

The Owl Whistle is also not too difficult to use, even for pre-schoolers. This means that they can get involved with the story pretty much straight away. This is especially because the whistle needs no assembly or batteries, only a quick little wipe!

The book is quite easy to follow and so your little one will easily learn when it is the right time to blow the whistle!

The book lends itself to using other sounds, rather than just the whistle. As such, if you get creative, you can have a tapping of a woodpecker and a crunching of a squirrel. Perfect if you have children fighting over the whistle!

Where you can buy Sounds of the Forest?

You can buy Sounds of the Forest from a range of retailers. However, a couple are:

JoJo Maman Bebe


As at October 2018, it is retailing for around £12.

Importance of Reading

If you’re still wondering about whether to buy a book for your little one, I have done this blog post. it is all about the importance of reading and it is something that I am passionate about.

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Jackson Saves an Owl

Jackson Saves an Owl is a children’s book about a superhero child, who, well, saves an owl! The twist in the story is that Jackson is based on a real-life superhero. Real-life Jackson, aged  nearly 3, has Krabbe disease and the character was designed to give spark real-life Jackson’s imagination at night, to allow him to be free.

Jackson Saves an Owl

The Story

Almost the best way to describe the story of Jackson Saves an Owl is to say that it is the book version of PJ Masks. Jackson is free at night to take to the skies and use his superpowers! Of all the ways he could use his superpowers, he flies to help an Owl stuck in a puddle in the middle of the night.

The book has a rhythmic flow to it when reading it and as a result, it is lovely to read out loud. The language within the book isn’t too complex and the words within it is such that Heidi, aged 5, could probably read it quite well. The problem with letting your child read it is that it is 20 pages long and they might lose concentration and not be able to finish it in one go.

The illustrations

The illustrations are bright and colourful and a pleasure to look at. Rather than describe them, here are a couple of photos!

The story behind the story

On the inside back page is the real-life story about Jackson. Whilst he is a superhero in the book, more importantly, he is a superhero in real life. At the time of writing, Jackson is approaching the age of 3 and suffers from the rare and terminal illness called Krabbe disease.

Jackson Saves an Owl was written by Jackson’s dad who developed the book character to help the real  life Jackson to dream at night, when he was free to be whatever he wanted to be. This book will be a loving and lasting legacy of Jackson.

Top Tip! Before reading Jackson Saves an Owl, check out the page about real-life Jackson. Depending on your child, you may not want to talk about the issue just before bed as it might upset them. However, the message is delivered in a strong, yet sensitive way, but clearly you know your child best.

One really cool thing

It might sound a really daft thing. However, as the pages are white or near white, and the text is black, it makes it really easy to read at bed time. You know, when you dim the lights trying you get your darling child to sleep!!

Where can you get Jackson Saves an Owl?

You can buy the book using the following links:

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42141736-jackson-saves-an-owl

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jackson-Saves-Owl-Superhero/dp/8799506262/

Related Reading

Here you can read about why reading is so important to Heidi and I.

IMPORTANT! We received a free copy of the book for the purposes of this blog post. However, no attempts have been made to influence this post.

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