Preview of the Weekend – 25th/26th April

A beautiful week weather-wise seems to be a precursor to a changeable weekend, although Saturday looks to be the day to get out and about. With that in mind, here are a few choices for the weekend:

Saturday 25th April

Dewsbury Minister Art & Culture Festival (free)

While not specifically targeted at toddlers, this seems like an ideal event for those with musical tastes. There are numerous demonstrations of various instruments throughout the day, as well as story and rhyme time at 10.30 and 12.15 and arts and crafts as well. The Church is next door to the Sports Centre and while parking is ample, there is a small charge in the main council car park nearby.

Bankfield Museum (free)

A Hat Tip to Yorkshire Tots on this one as I have never even heard of the museum, but they are having a St Georges Fun Day. The highlight appears to be the arrival of the horse at 2.30pm, but there are interactive stories at 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm. Having never been, I am not sure as to the age appropriateness of the museum for toddlers, but it is certainly somewhere which I hope to visit at some point when in that part of the world.

Saturday 25th April & Sunday 26th April

Brighouse Food and Craft Market (free)

We visited the Victorian Christmas Market in November 2014 and it was a busy event with a number of different street acts, a mini funfair and the town centre pedestrianised with specialised market stalls throughout the town centre. It was a wonderful  sensory experience seeing different things and smelling different foods being cooked and I hope that that this event is of a similar nature. Parking is somewhat difficult in Brighouse so a good deal of patience is needed!!

Weekend Activities – 18/19 April 2015

A bit of a late post previewing the activities going on in the region this weekend, and looking around, there is a shortage of events occuring, but the weather looks to be good for the weekend so there is no excuses…

On Saturday and Sunday is the Saltaire Heritage Weekend ( with plenty of events on both days. Saturday looks more toddler friendly than Sunday but Saltaire is a lovely part of the world and regardless, Roberts Park is very good for toddlers. Parking is a bit of a nightmare but there is a large car park on the “Park” side of the railway line which was handy the last time we visited Saltaire.

This could be coupled with a trip to the Shipley Lego Club which may be suitable if you have an older child kn tow. Details below


Also, for the next week or so Bradford has its own version of the London Eye (Bradford Eye) and the prices seem reasonable so might be a good way to spend an afternoon coupled with a trip to the fabulous (and free!) National Media Museum ( This is a favourite of ours and is deserving of its own blog post but it is always a good way to spend a couple of hours.

Finally, the previous blog post commented on Baby Rave Norths outdoor event and looking online, the feedback was unbelievably good so fingers crossed that it happens again! There is a Baby Rave on Sunday at 1pm at Mumspace at Mothercare at Crown Point, Leeds (80s special!) The Baby Rave Facebook page will have all the details… Baby Rave North Facebook

Baby Rave North

The usual weekend preview is to follow, but tomorrow is an event that I wish that I could go to with H and that is “Rave in the Park” in Charlie Cake, Armley, Leeds, LS12 3RP, held by Baby Rave North ( – Facebook/Twitter as well) at 10.30am and 1pm. The event is free and the weather looks to be set fair so there is no excuse not to go…

As my colleagues at work can attest, I am a fully fledged Baby Raver with H.  We have been to about 6 events in various locations and while it sounds a bit strange, the concept really works.

If you have never been, it is an upbeat baby/toddler session to upbeat songs and adults and toddlers are encouraged to dance and sing along. While some of the songs are classic nursery rhymes, some are call and response which is good fun, and the best part of it (for the kids at least) is the environment in which is is held. The room is dark with bright disco lights and this creates sensory overload for the youngsters (clearly not applicable for the outdoor event!) One problem with the dark room and bright lights is that is is a nightmare for taking decent photos!!


You are best advised to book ahead and the session lasts for just under an hour, which is a good length of time for the little ones. When I took H for the first time, she was so exhausted afterwards, she slept for 3 hours straight in the middle of the day, which shows how it stimulates the kids.

As I said, we have been to about 6 events, a few have been held in Mothercare at the Crown Point Shopping Centre, which is an ideal location, but the best one was a free Hip Hop event held in November time at Leeds City Museum. As it was a Saturday afternoon, we took the grandparents down as well to see the event and they loved it too, and by doing that, it gave them the confidence to go to these types of things if H wanted to go at a time when I couldn’t go. Also, by Leeds City Museum opening their doors at the event, we have found it to be a hidden gem in the city (more on a future blog post!). There are numerous different events from the mini-baby raves to the Christmas raves and the themes of the raves seem to change quite often, which keeps things fresh.

Sometimes when you go to these events, you wonder if the little ones actually enjoy it and for Baby Rave, I certainly know that H loves it. I know this because whenever she sees her disco ball, she tries to put it on (NOT advisable for kids to play with plugs!) and wants the lights turning off so we can have a DIY baby rave while she dances around. Granted, it is nowhere near as good as the real thing, but what can you do?!

Anyway, put Baby Rave North on your to-do list, regardless if you have a 3 month old or a 3 year old – you won’t regret it!!

I say Boom-chic-a-boom…..

The Hey Diddles!


This Easter weekend, the Hey Diddles will be performing at Holmfirth Civic Hall (Saturday at 2pm) and I urge everyone with a child under the age of 8 to go and see them!

I went to see them with H at their Christmas show in Moldgreen in December 2014 and they were brilliant! By this point, you should have googled them, but if not, they are a 3 piece group (Sunny, Sky and Poppy) who are dressed in the appropriate colours who entertain the audience for an hour singing songs while working their way through a story.

They give everything on stage and get the audience into the spirit of the show. The kids love it, with the older ones dancing at the front, getting into the spirit of the show. H was just short of 18 months old and was just walking and so she enjoyed exploring the seating area before the concert but after that she was sat on my knee fixated on the performance. She loved it! We bought the CD and while there is a Xmas theme, the songs are of good sound quality and are still played in the car now!

Update: December 2015 – we have been to see them on many, many more occasions and what I mentioned before still rings true, perhaps even more so!

A couple of recent memories are when we were buying the tickets for the 2015 show in Holmfirth Tourist Information centre was, without prompting, Heidi said “I love Poppy, I love Skye, I love Sunny” when I asked the cashier for some tickets!

Also, one evening trying to get Heidi to sleep (late!) and she crawled to lay on top of me and started singing “Shake, Shake, Shake your sillies out”!!

I think she is a bit addicted!

For a good, innocent, well priced afternoon out, go to see the Hey Diddles! If you have a younger one, get there earlier and get to the front. Also, bring your autograph book as they do a meet and greet afterwards (not sure if they do selfies with you!) and prepare yourself for the discussion on the way home, “Who is you favourite Diddle?”