Review of the weekend (28_29 March 2015)


I am writing this blog post after an extremely tiring weekend, which has been extremely enjoyable and left Daddy and H looking forward to next weekend.

The highlight of the weekend was without doubt, Saturday, for not only a wonderful day out and about, but also a first. The first time H has not had a nap throughout the day! I was seemingly more tired than her!

So Saturday began with our usual class in the morning and we decided to go to the CBeebies event at Leeds Trinity shopping centre. As H is a good traveller, we decided to go via train, Batley to Leeds.

Batley station is a station for local trains only with basic facilities and is usually unmanned. However, that means parking is free and ample! The Northern Rail train arrived on time, was clean and quite modern and an uneventfully journey was had! On the other end, Leeds station is a nightmare with a pushchair as you are forced to take 2 lifts to get out of the station.  Why they don’t have a sloping walkway like at Manchester Piccadilly is beyond me!

Anyway, the CBeebies event had a live stage showcasing a wide range of dancers from ballet, to solo, to street dancing. The dances were short enough to keep the huge crowd interested



Upstairs was a chance for the little ones to be on camera and have a dance but the queue was too big and H would not have been old enough. However, there was storytime, read by Alex Winters and the book was “We’re Going On A Bearhunt”


As you can see, the place was packed, but Alex had the crowd enthused and involved with the story. It was so good to see so many kids enjoying a live story, especially compared to the poor attendances local libraries get.

There were even more goings on, but the crowds were too big, which was a shame and after a quick wander around the city and more dancing, we headed back home.

One word of warning, Trinity Leeds has onty 2 lifts, which makes pushchair travel extremely slow at busy times!!!

As we headed back, we missed the train back to Batley by seconds, mainly due to the lifts working against us. However, this gave us a chance to have a nappy change….well, it would have been if the baby change toilets on the platform had been open! There are some on the main concourse, but there is a charge for these and if we had to navigate the lifts again, we may have missed the train. Pretty poor by Leeds Station.

Anyway, we got on the train which was one of the older Northern Rail trains, which was comfortable but no baby changing facilities and we got back to Batley (on time). While I have been cursing the lifts at Leeds, Batley does not have any and so the only option is seemingly drag the pushchair down the stairs and thwn back up on the other side. Hopefully with the proposed development of the station, this can be looked at.


Sunday was a quieter day but we went to a new (to us) playgym, Buttons, in Morley, near the Asda. It is in an industrial estate and used to be called Playdayz under previous management. It was a reasonable £2.75 for H (I was free) and there was a cafe  offering good priced meals and snacks. I do consider playgyms as an area of expertise of mine, and Buttons would never class itself as the biggest one around, but it does make good use of its space. Adults are seemingly allowed in the climbing area, which is excellent, and allows littler ones to go to all areas. The kids seemed well behaved, which is unusual in some places, and it was good value for money. The place is really clean and the fact that most, if not all tables were taken means that it is popular, but it didn’t seem too busy. Definitely worth a visit again at some point.



Easter weekend preview will be up at some point in the week!!


The Weekend Ahead (28-29 March)

Unless I am the only dad at a venue, it is going to be difficult to pick me out (have a go though!!) and I imagine that it will be especially difficult given the main weekend activity for Dad and H.

Saturday (free)

This event looks really good from the outside and it is something that we will definitely* be going to. H is not fazed with large crowds and hopefully there is enough space for all the little ones to have a good old dance even though it is in the middle of a busy shopping centre!

* Unless nap time or nappy issues cause problems!!

I/We are not big CBeebies watchers (more on that in the future) but I am sure that will not matter one bit!

The problem with the heart of Leeds City Centre is that sometimes the heart is not that baby/toddler friendly but hopefully this event will have a few other bits and pieces on the edges to keep the little ones entertained. Also, if there are any good changing facilities nearby, please share….!!

Other events of particular interest this weekend are:

Saturday (free)–craft-market–guides-trail–spring-crafting–easter-bonnet-competition

I can’t say that I have been to Ossett town centre ever, but events like this are good to see and will bring people (and new people) into the town centre.

Saturday & Sunday (£)

I have never been to Stockeld Park but they always seem to have plenty of good quality attractions on, especially during the school holidays. It seems quite pricey to enter (£12 each, under 2’s free) but there are family packages and if it is within your budget, give it a go. There are a few different activites available within the price and so I’m sure that there will be a few hours entertainment there!




After a good 30 minutes of setting this up, I “think” that I am making the first post on this blog.

I have never blogged before, and so please forgive me if things so a little astray. For me, I have decided to do this so that I can speak about my experiences and be able to interact with others in my position. Also, after being on a journey over the last 12 months or so, I want to be able to show off my adventures with my daughter, and subsequently, promote and support the places which I have enjoyed so much, so others will enjoy them as well in the future.

As a brief introduction, I am “Dad”. Dad to a brilliant girl who was born in June 2013. She is brilliant and my best friend and my entire life and perhaps more importantly, my social life! We have had so many adventures and after looking through photos, felt that it would be good to show them off.

I am an accountant during the day and love my sports and exercise, and while the blog won’t be about those interests, per se, they may make an appearance now and again.

I hope that sets the scene for now…